articles by Yuvraj Pokharna


Khalistanis baring their dangerous fangs again! Can Centre rely on Arvind Kejriwal to fight this menace in Punjab?

The border state can’t be allowed to go back to the eighties, and for this whatever is necessary, the Centre, in coordination with the Punjab government, should do


​Uniform Civil Code: One nation, two different sets of rules based on religion is an oxymoron

Without the UCC, India’s secularism/liberalism is a façade aimed at suppressing the rights of women, transgenders, and the weak


From 1921 Moplah genocide to 2022 Delhi riots: Why anti-Hindu violence has been a norm in India

Credible reports, including the CCTV footage, show that the weapons were distributed one day before the attack on the Hindu procession was carried out in Delhi early this month


How Imran Khan’s ‘Naya Pakistan’ narrative doesn’t hold much water, but don’t write him off yet

In politics, as in sports, one should never write obituaries till the last ball is bowled. More so when someone is as wily and opportunist as Imran Khan


Lavanya episode shows how deep the missionary rot is in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh

A study released by the Centre for Policy Studies, a Chennai think tank, in 2016 revealed that Tamil Nadu was the most favourable state in India for the growth of Christianity


Why Raza Academy’s ‘peaceful protests’ in Maharashtra invariably turn violent and take communal colours

To understand the mindset of those running this Academy, one has to look into the exclusivist Sunni-Barelvi ideology