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With ill-conceived resettlement schemes, Chennai's river restoration projects weigh heavily on riverside poor

Sathyavani Muthu Nagar is one of hundreds of informal settlements in the process of being demolished by Chennai officials — part of a vast effort, they say, to restore the city’s heavily polluted and constricted waterways.


Anti-vaxxers to AIDS denialism, should online platforms be held accountable for the misinformation they host?

As people take to the internet to spread misinformation like cures for autism and encourage AIDS denialism, social media algorithms boost their messages.


World Environment Day 2020: To prevent future pandemics, it is important to bridge the human—animal health divide

Veterinarians, as well as wildlife biologists, livestock farmers, and zookeepers, remain an untapped resource for combatting diseases that threaten people.


In Afghanistan, the wild ephedra shrub breathes new life into country's meth epidemic

Once the ephedra lands in these district centers, often outside areas of Afghan government control, it is milled to a fine powder and sold in bulk quantities at open-air markets that have sprung up with the express purpose of providing supplies to local meth-producers.


Coronavirus Outbreak: Indian officials from AYUSH tackle COVID-19 by peddling pseudoscience

The Press Council of India has issued an order asking print media to stop publicity and advertisements of AYUSH-related claims for Covid-19 treatments.


Coronavirus Outbreak: This pandemic threatens to overwhelm India’s health care system

The government urged private hospitals to begin admissions and roped in private laboratories across the country to conduct COVID-19 tests.


Noise Pollution: Fighting a public health hazard in the rapidly urbanising Mumbai

Highlighting the effects of noise pollution as a public health hazard, a grassroots anti-noise movement aims to silence a serious urban health threat, but not everyone is on board.


Coronavirus: Capitalising on fear, booksellers hastily churn out survival guides, conspiracy theories

Some of the titles, which often lack proper grammar and formatting, traffic in dark conspiracy theories regarding the origin of the coronavirus, while many others appear to simply repeat information that is already freely available from public health agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.


Rise in anti-Asian sentiment following coronavirus outbreak is hardly a new phenomenon, experts say

To historians and public health researchers, the racialized responses to the emerging coronavirus are nothing new. From 14th century plague to HIV/AIDS and the recent round of Ebola, infectious disease outbreaks have often coincided with surges of prejudice and marginalization.