articles by Tarushikha Sarvesh


Umar Khalid’s arrest in connection with February 2020 Delhi riots can be seen as cognitive incarceration of Muslim youth

The recent arrest of Umar Khalid is being seen as one of the most outrageous steps in a series of sustained attacks on the flag bearers of a certain cause.


Ayodhya, CAA and beyond: India's Muslims caught between compromised identity and cuts in citizenship rights​

Presently Muslims don't feel represented, which makes their insecurities graver. They feel that they have been struggling for 'respect' and 'acceptance' all the while, but now their struggle is reduced to mere survival.


UP Election Results 2017: Narendra Modi is the key that connects BJP with public

Modi proves to be the strongest party-voter linkage in the Uttar Pradesh 2017 election. Everything was bought by the voters, be it, Modi’s promises, his attire, his policies, which were loud and clear.