articles by Swareena Gurung

Arts & Culture

How 'American Independence' was interpreted by celebs at Met Gala 2021

The play of diverse interpretations destabilised the implied homogeneity of a ‘lexicon of fashion’ in America.

Fashion & Trends

At Tokyo Olympics, a crystallisation of sexism and policing of women's appearance that persists across all levels of sport

Who dictates the physical appearance of female athletes? This debate, that seems frozen in the early 1900s when women first started competing in the Olympic Games, raged on at Tokyo 2020.


A solitary journey: Indian-Nepali singer Bipul Chettri on his new lockdown EP, Samaya

“It was very odd, to say the least,” says the Kalimpong-born singer on writing and recording his third collection of songs amidst the pandemic.


As Bodice turns 10, designer Ruchika Sachdeva shares her approach to luxury and the design process

In a country where high-end fashion is largely associated with occasion wear, Sachdeva offers an alternate approach to luxury: stripping off ornamentation to focus on pain-staking construction and harnessing Indian artisanal techniques to create utilitarian, comfortable garments that can be worn forever.


India gets a joint fashion week after 15 years, as FDCI and LFW team up to meet challenges of COVID-19 era

When the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) and Lakmé Fashion Week (LFW) — the organisers of past fashion weeks in Delhi and Mumbai respectively — announced on 1 March that they would be coming together for a joint fashion week in 2021, the collective reaction was “high time!”


As the wedding industry recovers, designers reimagine Indian bridal wear as sustainable with online-offline presence

The tidal wave of Zoom weddings has abated, and some predict that the Indian wedding industry, estimated to be worth $50 billion by a KPMG report in 2017, will reach 35 percent of pre-COVID 19 levels in 2021.


Online thrift stores proliferated in 2020, but questions remain about how such businesses can be sustained

From sourcing stock to emphasising sustainability, online businesses dealing in secondhand clothes — or thrifting — have many wrinkles to iron out, moving forward.


Satya Paul passes away: A fashion pioneer and visionary who was 'influenced by all the elements of life'

By recasting the sari — which, since the days of the Indian freedom struggle, had come to become a symbol of Indian nationalism — through his itinerant imaginations, Satya Paul imbued the national garment with a transnational spirit, capturing the mood of that period.


2020, the year of sumptuous TV style: From The Queen's Gambit to A Suitable Boy, small screen fashion made a statement

The TV series that offered the most compelling sartorial splendour this year also showed us that to be truly fashionable, clothes have to move beyond visual delight.


Corsets trend alongside spurt in Instagram thrift stores, as savvy buyers invest in vintage, secondhand creations

As women post their #nobraclub selfies on Instagram, the social media platform has also become the site where the corset is enjoying something of a Renaissance.


Lakmé Fashion Week 2020: Gen Next alumni Rimzim Dadu and Saaksha & Kinni close 5-day digital edition

All may not be well in the fashion world, but LFW showed great resilience and a re-focus on sustaining indigenous kaarigars and their crafts.


Lakme Fashion Week 2020: Midway through the first-ever digital edition, a round-up of the best shows yet

As designers present filmed showcases of their collections, the need to support artisans is foregrounded as a playfulness of spirit and hope persists.


Lakme Fashion Week 2020 kicks off 'seasonless' digital edition, as hopes ride on online sales in face of coronavirus pandemic

Following a parched few months in luxury retail, can digital fashion weeks like LFW offer greater business to designers?


As global fashion events contend with COVID-19 era, Lakme Fashion Week 2020 gears up for first-ever digital edition

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns, fashion weeks across the world have been forced to recalibrate their existing practices, priorities, and their very role. The upcoming Lakme Fashion Week also grapples with these concerns in its first-ever digital edition.