articles by Suraj Gogoi


Shaheen Bagh's resistance must be viewed sans liberals' romanticism, Right's identity politics

We will better understand Shaheen Bagh by focusing on what it has done to the discourse of resistance against CAA. Our attention ought to be on its contribution to the resistance against fascist politics and the CAA. Instead, our attention is fixated on who they [protesters] are and how they have managed to come together.


As Assam hosts Brahmaputra Pushkaram, can the festival truly encompass the river's multiple meanings?

There are many images of the Brahmaputra we carry; however, these fade and figure in different ways — from the oral to the written, from poems to prose, from a song to a canvas.


Psychology behind NRC mirrors narrow, dominating side of Assamese language, and its fragile nationalism, cultural identity

If psychology of Nazism shows us the savage part of that ideology, the sympathisers of NRC shows us a lack of moral compass, guilt, empathy for other humans and a fetish for a homeland which is no less anti-Semitic in terms of who it wished to exclude.


Nellie massacre: 36 years on, a reflection on why victims of tragedy have been erased from public memory

With respect to the Nellie massacre, we have arrived at the stage of decline. One needs to ask, what is the politics of erasure of Nellie? Whose purpose does it serve?