articles by Sukhada Tatke


'Bois locker room' case pushes us to examine if — and how — technology is shaping misogynistic attitudes towards sex

Cases such as bois locker room could be a collective failure of society, of teachers and parents, in not making safe spaces for discussing cyber hygiene or netiquette.


Coronavirus Outbreak: As we make the radical behavioural changes required in face of pandemic, let's not give up on empathy

In over just a few weeks, a microbial entity has come not only to reign over our bodies and minds, but also to smash down our carefully constructed edifices of civility, good manners and all else that constitutes acceptable social behaviour.


Prejudice against Indians is deep seated and old, say people of Indian origin in the US

Sukhada Tatke takes a look at the sentiment in the Indian community in the US after the attacks on three Indians in just over 10 days.


Donald Trump’s devious anti-Muslim immigration policies should serve as a wake-up call for Indians

More recently, the ascent of Donald Trump to the highest office showed the same variety of disinterest initially. Days after the election, my cousin who lived in California wondered why I was so distraught. Nothing he does is going to affect you, he had said. Is that any consolation? I snapped back.