articles by Smita Mishra


Congress trots out #DeleteNaMoApp to ride #DeleteFacebook wave after Cambridge Analytica mess, but ploy backfires as downloads surge

Reeling from the relentless conversation about the possible collusion of the Congress with the now-discredited ‘electoral consulting’ firm, Cambridge Analytica, the grand old party decided to shift the focus of the debate.


Announcing the rise of Rahul Gandhi based on a few borrowed tweets is really amusing, doesn't mean much

Seeing Narendra Modi leverage the platforms to good use in his campaign and succeed in 2014, the Congress is now making the mistake of drawing the wrong lessons.


BJP National Executive Meet: Modi begins counter moves even before Opposition unity takes shape

Having cleared the Uttar Pradesh test with historic marks, it appears that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has started preparing to take on an united opposition ahead of 2019.