articles by Sean Bradrick


'Aum' and not 'Om': Finding the true meaning behind the primordial sound

Due to misinformation, the 4-syllable ‘aum-’ has become the 1-syllable ‘Om’. The word is contained within the all of the creation.


From Max Muller to Audrey Truschke: Bigotry and lies in the guise of academic freedom

Truschke’s ‘historical’ claims are absurd and obviously based on a combination of resentment, hostility, ignorance and an American-Christian superiority complex. Her understanding of Hinduism is at best superficial, savage and unsophisticated


A former Christian’s view of missionaries in India: Of lies, deceit and supremacist worldview

In their attempts to convert Hindus, Christian missionaries use falsity, scare tactics, threats of poverty and starvation, ridicule of Hinduism, promises of immediate riches, and an eventual utopia after death


Western academia should acknowledge virtues of Hinduism and call out those spreading Hinduphobia

The Hindu dharma represents the world’s most ancient continuously practised, indigenous spiritual and philosophical tradition