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Hardik Patel's quota battle is only an excuse, a stick to beat Narendra Modi with

Modi’s haters are waiting for Emergency just like Modi’s fans are waiting for Achchhe Din.


When Gadkari's legal team thought a Faking News story was real

It seems that Nitin Gadkari’s legal team is obsessed with the idea of defamation. They are keeping their ears open every time someone utters “Gadkari” so that they can send a legal notice for defamation. But now they have taken their vigilance to a new level.

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What is the truth behind Sonia Gandhi's trips to the US?

Why would Sonia Gandhi claim something that was different from what was told to the media by Dwivedi? The media reports clearly said that she was in US, even though she might not have received the summons.

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Decoding Modi's ploy behind calling Kejriwal anti-national

It was always a mystery how Modi would respond to Kejriwal’s challenge.

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Kejriwal taking on Modi: Why the BJP should be happy

Why Kejriwal changed his focus is another issue, but the BJP can’t possibly find fault with Kejriwal for doing that. He was never under any obligation to attack only Congress and bail out the BJP.


Media fixing: Why 'leaked' video of Kejriwal, journalist is a big deal

When a journalist is told by a politician that he doesn’t want to debate a particular issue as that may hurt his electoral politics, should the journalist change the topic of discussion?