articles by Priya-Alika Elias


#MeToo in India: Why it is unhelpful to frame harassment stories in the language of the courtroom

"Innocent until proven guilty." In the wake of the #MeToo movement, men are overwhelmingly concerned with this phrase, and others like it.


Netflix's rapid expansion in India proves the future of storytelling is here and it's in our hands

The multiplicity of Indian narratives on Netflix means that we as no longer have to rely on hopelessly dated characters such as Apu to represent us globally


Stand-up for feminism: Indian women comics are making patriarchy the punch-line in their acts

Women comics in India excel at couching trenchant social commentary in seemingly ordinary jokes | #FirstCulture


Born Confused turns 15: How one YA novel opened the gates to desi representation in American pop culture

Born Confused gave us permission to explore the ‘ordinary’ stories of our own people, which are by default extraordinary | #FirstCulture