articles by Pawan Khera


Narendra Modi may have won no-confidence motion, but Rahul Gandhi's hug ensured PM lost his narrative

Narendra Modi visibly lost his well-scripted body language when Rahul Gandhi went to his seat to hug him in Parliament on Friday


Arvind Kejriwal's sit-in protest: Congress right in dismissing AAP alliance, not getting carried away by optical diversions

Why do poeple expect Congress to get carried away by Arvind Kejriwal's need for optical diversions and lose track of the political realities in Delhi?


RSS is hydra-headed monster, seeks legitimacy by inviting Pranab Mukherjee, writes Congress' Pawan Khera

Inviting an intellectual giant like Pranab Mukherjee, who vehemently opposed all that the Sangh stands for is yet another attempt by the Sangh to mainstream itself and shed its image of an unregistered, unaccountable hydra-headed monster.


Budget 2015 does nothing spectacular for the health of the economy

The attractive pre-election campaign on minimum government does not get reflected in the budget.