articles by Palash Krishna Mehrotra


Spanking the Indian Muslim: What's the straw that might break the camel's back?

What makes the Hindutva project unique in India is its ambition to bring about an ideological churn in an organically diverse country of a billion-plus. At the foundation of Hindutva, going back to Savarkar, lies its animosity towards Muslims.


Honey Singh's 'Makhna' and morality brigade: Prevalent finger-wagging infantilises musician's fan base

Examining the manufactured outrage around Yo Yo Honey Singh's new song ‘Makhna’


India and the Indian: We're lulled to think that citizens control the narrative, writes Palash Krishna Mehrotra

At present, the nationalism of pitting one against the other seems self-indulgent. Can a poor country afford the luxury of toying with an ideology which is neither taking us back to the intellectual positives nor leapfrogging us to a sky-scraping neon future?


Arvind Kejriwal's 85% quota for locals in Delhi colleges undermines India's diversity, will deny quality education to brightest

The recently released AAP manifesto promises, among other things, 85 percent reservation for local students in all Delhi colleges.


The majority is already with Modi; when the Muslim and Dalit quit eating beef and fall in love with him, Hindu Rashtra will be realised

The lack of empathy on the part of the non-tax paying Hindu majority for the minorities, tribal Christians and the downtrodden is entrenched. It has been so even before Modi and the BJP worked it to their advantage. The hardware, the phone, was already on the table, all the BJP had to do was change the SIM card.