articles by Nitya Atmakur


Devdutt Pattanaik on his new book Faith: 'Myths are a necessary part of the human condition, not just ancient times'

In his latest book Faith, Devdutt Pattanaik attempts to meticulously explain the various aspects of Hinduism that might baffle the modern practitioner, even the most seemingly irrelevant ones


A Tale of Wonder: AND Haksar on translating Kathakautukam, a Sanskrit poem which speaks of longing for the divine

Kathakautukam is a Sanskrit adaptation of a Persian poem, written by the poet-scholar Srivara in 15th-century Kashmir. It tells the story of Princess Zuleikha’s steely determination and effort to find Yusuf, who is a well-known prophet in Christianity and Islam. Zuleikha is a metaphor for the soul searching for the divine, which is embodied by Yusuf


Leslie Howard on two-piano concerts, playing in India and being the only person to record the entire works of Liszt

Pianism is a dying tradition, says Leslie Howard, as fewer students and quality performers are emerging as the years go by