articles by Markandey Katju


Reservations are psychological crutches for Scheduled Castes, have only perpetuated caste system instead of destroying it

Scheduled Castes must realise that they cannot succeed in their struggle for social amelioration if they are isolated, writes former justice Markandey Katju.


Custodial deaths of Jeyaraj and Fenix: Accused Tuticorin cops should be arrested immediately; law allows it

What has happened in Tamil Nadu's Tuticorin is worse than some of the most violent cases India has witnessed (since the Delhi gangrape case in 2012 for which 4 people involved were hanged, recently).


Delhi violence: Communalism runs deep in Indian society and its police force, this is the feudalism that can undo the nation

No doubt the communal violence in Delhi will for the time being be quelled by the police, but it is bound to erupt again and again, and all over India, not just Delhi.


Ex-JNU student Sharjeel Imam remarks do not constitute a crime and FIRs must be quashed, writes Markandey Katju

Sharjeel Imam, a former student of Jawaharlal Nehru University, gave a speech on 16 January in Aligarh during an anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protest meeting, asking people to cut Assam and the North East off from the rest of India


India’s moment of turbulent revolution is here, and it's going to be long and bloody, writes Justice Markandey Katju

Our national aim must be to create a highly industrialised, prosperous country and a just social order in which our people get decent lives and enjoy a high standard of living. But to achieve that we have to wage a mighty historical struggle, make tremendous sacrifices and pass through terrible times.


Partition was a historic swindle that India, Pakistan and Bangladesh must see through; steps to undo British wrongdoing necessary

A historical united people’s struggle led by patriotic, modern-minded leaders, like Mustafa Kemal of Turkey or the leaders of Japan after the Meiji Restoration, will be required for bringing about a transformation to lift India from the ranks of underdeveloped to developed countries


Death sentence for Pervez Musharraf: High time for Pakistan's military leaders to be held accountable for misdeeds

Musharraf is clearly guilty of high treason, as in 1999 he suspended the Pakistan Constitution after staging a blatantly unconstitutional army coup. He was again guilty of high treason in 2007 when he again suspended the Constitution, declared martial law, illegally suspended the Chief Justice of Pakistan, and dismissed judges of the Supreme Court and high court who did not take oath of allegiance to the army.


Protesting JNU students deserve your support not condemnation, writes ex-SC judge Markandey Katju

Over the past few days, condemnation has been levelled against the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) students' protest. In my opinion, the protests should be supported for a number of reasons


For those demanding aazadi for Kashmir, a reality check is long overdue, writes ex-SC judge Markandey Katju

Kashmiris say that Kashmir was always independent. This is historically incorrect. Kashmir was only independent till 1587 when the last independent ruler Yusuf Shah Chak was deposed and exiled by Mughal emperor Akbar who incorporated Kashmir into the Mughal Empire


Pulwama encounter: Army can fight an army, not masses, says Markandey Katju on 7 civilian deaths after clashes with security forces

The deaths of seven civillians in Jammu and Kashmir's Pulwama district due to clashes with security forces at an encounter site has drawn sharp criticism for the Indian Army and other forces for their handling of the continued turbulence in the Kashmir valley.


Indian media's focus on frivolity is unconscionable; regulation could lift it from its present morass

The Indian state and the Indian media seem to try and divert public attention from the real issues facing the people, which are socio-economic, to entertainment like cricket, lives of film stars, babas, astrology, petty politics, etc.


BJP or Congress win in elections won't make a difference unless Indians shed their casteist, religious hangovers and unite

The system of parliamentary democracy in India largely runs on the basis of caste and communal vote banks, but these feudal forces that divide our people and keep us backward. They must be destroyed if we are to progress, but parliamentary democracy further entrenches them.


What the judiciary needs is CJI Ranjan Gogoi's plan to curb pendency, make justice accessible, not his petulance and irascibility

Justice Ranjan Gogoi said that delay in justice is bringing the judiciary into disrepute, and that he had a plan for (a) resolving the problem of arrears (3.3 crore cases in Indian courts) and (b) providing access to justice to the poverty stricken people, a plan which he would soon unfold.


Section 377 Verdict: Gay marriage, inheritance, adoption laws unlikely; 'majoritarian' view will keep State, SC away

The Supreme Court was able to read down Section 377 because right to equality guaranteed in the Constitution, but to legalise gay marriages, adoption or inheritance, requires legislative changes, something only the Parliament can do


Bhima Koregaon raids and arrests point to final days of civil liberties and liberal democracy in India

Intellectuals make up not more than five percent of the population of India, and it is they alone who are bothered about freedom of speech, freedom of the press and other civil liberties