articles by Manish Gaekwad


India’s first gay film Badnam Basti resurfaces after nearly half a century's hibernation in Berlin archive

Badnam Basti’s fate is as chequered as its history. The 1971 Hindi film considered as India’s first movie depicting a homosexual relationship and thought to be lost, has emerged after 49 years of hiding in an archive in Berlin. It is one year short of celebrating half a century of obscurity.


Songs my mother never taught me and how that became my meal ticket in 2018

The valuable lesson I learnt in 2018 was that we must always take pride in and talk about the great work women silently put into making us


Supreme Court's Section 377 verdict: Straight people of India, this gayzaadi is yours too

Dear straight people, your insensitivity in welcoming queers, and Section 377 being used as an “odious weapon” by the law to harass the LGBTQIA community could change right now.


Lean Days: Read an excerpt from Manish Gaekwad's tale of a man’s search for love, lust in India

'In search of love, I want to travel across the country. Somewhere it will find me,' writes Manish Gaekwad in Lean Days