articles by Mallik Thatipalli


Once Hyderabad aristocracy's favoured weave, how 'Telia Rumal' gained new lease of life post-Independence

Hailing from a family of weavers in Puttapaka, Gajam Goverdhana has dedicated 50 years of to the Telia Rumal and filed for the recently secured GI tag in 2015.


In Hyderabad's Old City, once festive streets are bereft of usual Ramzan fervour in lockdown

Hyderabad’s Old City, with the Charminar, Mecca Masjid and centuries-old Laad Bazaar, has long been the nerve centre of commerce, shopping and festivities during Ramzan. But these once boisterous streets are eerily quiet during the ongoing lockdown.


The Other Side: A new look into Muzaffar Ali’s creative mind, through landscapes and the outdoors

Each artwork in filmmaker-artist Muzaffar Ali's latest exhibition The Other Side has a single mission: to position itself at the axis of the beauty and wonder of the outdoors. He says ideas come to him when he goes on walks, takes in scenes, when he sees leaves on trees; there is a stack of leaves on his desk at all times.


Struck by coronavirus crisis, art enthusiasts rally around Hyderabad's century-old Surabhi theatre group

The Surabhi theatre group is known for its repertoire of plays that draw from Indian mythology, staged every weekend at the Lalitha Kala Toranam in the Public Gardens in Hyderabad.


Tanya Abraham's Eating with History unveils Kerala's wide culinary repertoire through 100-plus recipes

In her book Eating with History: Ancient Trade-Influenced Cuisines of Kerala, Tanya Abraham charts the culinary journey of growing up in a society influenced by multiple cuisines and belonging to parents of two different Christian communities. The book consists of a little over 100 recipes, and most of these were handed down in families with influences from the Paradesi and Malabari sects, Syrian Christians, Muslims, Anglo-Indians, Latin Catholics, among others.


Hyderabad exhibition shows a bygone Kashmir and its people, as captured through RC Mehta's lens

'RC Mehta — Exploring the Familiar and the Iconic’ was showcased in Hyderabad to mark the 17th edition of Krishnakriti Festival of Arts and Culture. The exhibition is a retrospective of the photographic work of RC Mehta, comprising both his practice as a studio photographer for the family run Mahatta Studios, — the first Indian-run photography studio in Srinagar — as well as his personal work that covers his interests in the land, the people of Kashmir, and the significant political events that he witnessed during his lifetime.


Durrushehvar, the resolute princess: How the Ottoman dynasty heir brought style, reform to Nizam's Hyderabad

Princess Durrushehvar, the daughter-in-law of the last Nizam of Hyderabad, has remained a role model for the Muslim aristocracy of the city, as well as a style icon. The princess made her mark with various initiatives, and education and healthcare were her twin passions. She was impervious, a true princess, very regal and very smart, not someone to suffer fools lightly, says author John Zubrzycki.


'A reminder of the high points in Indian art': William Dalrymple on curating Company paintings exhibition in London

A new show at the Wallace Collection in London, Forgotten Masters: Indian Painting for the East India Company, curated by historian William Dalrymple showcases the extraordinary oeuvre of Indian artists for the first time ever.


Urdu satirist Mujtaba Hussain on returning his Padma Shri: Our democracy has been reduced to a joke

Mujtaba Hussain is a celebrated Urdu author, humorist and satirist who has decided to return his Padma Shri (received in 2007) to register his protest against the ‘current atmosphere’ in the country.


With Gudi Sambaraalu festival in Andhra, Telangana, an attempt to revitalise performing arts — and temples

Starting from the temples in and around Hyderabad, Gudi Sambaraalu has now spread across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.


Hidden Kingdom: New illustrated book gives a peek into the wonders of the Western Ghats' rich flora

Hidden Kingdom: Fantastical Plants of the Western Ghats is a treatise on rarely seen botanical wonders, illustrated by Nirupa Rao. In today’s world, as we distance ourselves from our natural surroundings, and disassociate from how much plants truly affect our daily lives (from the food we eat to the air we breathe), this book gives us a peek into the plant kingdom.


Water has been made more or less invisible in our cities; we tend to take it for granted: Jane Withers

In a conversation with Firstpost, Jane Withers spoke of her relationship with water, the importance of using design to find holistic solutions to environmental problems and of the indigenous systems civilisations of the past used to harness the power of water.


At Udaipur's City Palace painting conservation lab, centuries-old artworks meet modern technology and an expert touch

Housed on the second floor of the Zenana Mahal (palace for the royal ladies) in one of the erstwhile royal living quarters of the City Palace, Udaipur is a painting conservation lab which is one of its kind in India.


Street artist Daku's question mark-shaped installation channels concerns over plastic at Hyderabad Design Week

Daku has constructed an installation in the shape of a question mark with 3 lakh upcycled plastic bottles, emphasising the impact of single-use plastic. The installation uses solar-powered lights and will be lit through the night


'Flying photographer' George Steinmetz on capturing environmental change, the ethics of using drones

George Steinmetz says he photographs from a couple hundred feet up, which allows him to observe the scale. 'It’s much more intimate and we can decode what’s happening below. Flying helps you to get into areas you otherwise cannot,' he says


The Juvenile Immigrant: A new book captures the diaspora experience and identity politics that accompanies it

Namrata Verghese, the author of The Juvenile Immigrant, discusses why all writing is inherently political, and what constitutes the American Dream for people of Indian origin in 2019


Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Richard Drew on his 9/11 image Falling Man, and documenting history

The Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Richard Drew, currently in Hyderabad for the Indian Photography Festival, spoke with this correspondent about the fateful day when he shot the image now known globally as “The Falling Man”.


At New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ramayana comes alive in a stunning exhibition

A new exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art showcases exquisite, centuries-old paintings depicting scenes from Ramayana


New book on Lepakshi temple discusses its architecture and origin that lies between history, mythology

A new book, Lepakshi: Architecture, Sculpture and Painting, by Anna L Dallapiccola, Brigitte Khan Majlis, and George Michell with John M Fritz, explores the history and artistic features of the structure that's hidden away in a remote part of the state.


Mahanati designers Gaurang Shah and Archana Rao on winning National Film Award for Best Costume Design

While Gaurang Shah recreated the looks of Savitri, the actress on whom Mahanati is based, through handloom saris, Archana Rao made costumes for Samantha Akkineni, Vijay Devarakonda and Dulquer Salmaan by delving into fashion history — particularly America of the 40s and 60s