articles by MA Deviah


Sabarimala temple row: Rehana Fathima's attempt to enter Ayyappa abode earns her wrath of Hindus, Muslims alike

While Rehana Fathima’s adventurism has been seized upon by the extreme right as another example of how Muslims are attacking Hindu traditions, it appears to be far from the truth.


Sabarimala verdict: SC says women can visit shrine, but female devotees may keep out to protect deity's celibacy

The reason why women were not allowed in Sabarimala is both religious and historical. But, will women who believe in the story and history behind the shrine even want to go?


VS Naipaul and I: How I became a character in 'A Million Mutinies Now', but my life didn't change

In 1988, Bangalore was witnessing the explosion of the IT industry, and VS Naipaul wanted to witness this miracle for himself. After two books where he had been critical of India, he wanted to talk about how India was transitioning


Bengaluru molestation: Number of incidents don't matter; India's IT capital now has a sullied image

It does not matter if molestation occurred on an industrial scale, as is being reported by the national media, or was limited to just a few cases.


Tipu Sultan Jayanti is needless spectacle, Karnataka HC view on monarch is valid

Why does a government insist on spending tax-payer money to celebrate the memory of Tipu Sultan who is disliked by entire communities within the state?


Bengaluru won't die in five years; it's already dead

A study conducted by IISc predicts that Bengaluru will become a dead city in five years. In this writer's opinion, we have already reached that point.


With the latest Matrix controversy, Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah seems to be at the end of his controversial journey

If TV reports are to be believed, the Congress High Command has asked for a report on the latest controversy surrounding Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. The controversy surrounds the CM's son Dr. Yathindra Siddaramaiah, whose company Matrix Imaging Solutions Ltd. was awarded a juicy tender to set up a pathology lab inside the premises of the government-owned super-specialty Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute (BMCRI).


Humans vs Predator: Leopards are in conflict with residents in Bengaluru and are paying the price

In Bengaluru alone, four leopards were run over and killed by speeding vehicles over the past four years. Across Karnataka state, around 25 leopards were run over in the same period.


It is racist. Why is everyone reluctant to brand attack on the Tanzanian girl in Bengaluru so?

The Karnataka government was accused of utter incompetence and insensitivity in the handling of the affair of the attack on the Tanzanian girl.


Why so serious? DGCA needs to loosen up over the Sonu Nigam's Jet Airways 'concert'

Sometimes, our regulators take themselves too seriously. They need to lighten up. Jet Airways suspending its cabin crew after they allowed Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam take over the aircraft cabin PA system is a case in point.


Attack on Tanzanian girl is mix of racism, road rage and clash of rural versus urban cultures

The alleged attack on the Tanzanian student on Sunday night in Hessarghatta, on the outskirts of Bangalore, seems to be a combination of racism, road rage, and a clash of urban and rural cultures.


Here's why women are barred from Sabarimala; It is not because they are 'unclean'

The petition by the Young Lawyers’ Association asking the Supreme Court to lift restrictions on women from entering the Sabarimala temple in Kerala could open a can of worms.


Pathankot attack: Here's why the operation was actually a success

Given the amount of ammunition and explosives they carried, the terrorists could have inflicted greater damage. Airplanes could have been destroyed, the base made inoperable, and scores more people could have died.


Scientists can recognise bad science, they don’t need intellectuals to show them

The problem with the criticism that the Indian science congress has been attracting over the past two years is that most of it is not coming from scientists. It’s fueled mainly by non-scientists and a hyperactive media, which sees controversy in every page of our ancient texts. There is a lot of science in old Indian scriptures and digging it out need not always be pseudoscience.


Dementia is set to rapidly escalate in India but awareness remains low

India has a serious and growing problem with dementia, but it it is neglected due to various reasons, the main one being a lack of awareness.


IT workers are having mental breakdowns, but nobody is doing anything about it

Two incidents this week have once again highlighted a major problem afflicting IT workers: The frequent breakdown in their mental health


India is ready for bullet trains, and it has been ready for many years

Is there really a good time for a bullet train? Japan’s first bullet train started running in 1964. The country has added several more lines after that. Several studies show that bullet trains spur business and tourism, create jobs, and build economies, in Japan and elsewhere. India is ready for bullet trains. It has been ready for many years.


Easy gun laws and radicalised citizens: Why it's a potent recipe for carnage in US

The advantage that American home-grown terrorists have is that they can walk into any store and buy guns and ammunition to kill dozens of people, no questions asked. That cannot happen in Europe where, except for a few countries like Belgium, it is almost impossible to buy a gun off the shelf.


How the 'Intolerati' got the Bangalore Literature Festival: Sampath debate turns nasty ahead of LitFest

The spate of withdrawals and stepping-down associated with the Bangalore Literature Festival has sparked a verbal bloodbath in the media and on social media. Literary folks can be more expressive than most, and they are holding nothing back as they snipe, swipe, and take potshots at each other


Tolerance, ha! Vikram Sampath can express his opinion anywhere, except at the Bangalore LitFest he founded

The Bangalore Literary Festival, now in its third year, is under a cloud even before it has started. Its director, historian and author Vikram Sampath, has resigned from the festival’s organising committee. This is because a small number of “tolerant” writers said they would boycott the festival as they disagreed with Sampath’s opinion of the “award-wapsi” campaign and of Tipu Sultan.