articles by K Praveen Kumar


Women's empowerment in Kerala: From loans to education about laws, state initiative seeks to change lives

Kerala, which leads the nation in most social indicators, is undergoing a silent revolution. In God's Own Country, women are being empowered not just economically, but psychologically


As Arab millionaires delight in Beypore's traditional wooden boats, marvelous craft at risk from lack of experts

Wooden dhows, known as Uru in Malabar, arguably the biggest handicraft in the world, continue to enthrall millionaires of Arab nations. A sleepy town on the west coast of Kozhikode, Beypore is the prime centre of this marvelous craftsmanship.


MGR's birth centenary: Actor's political career an offshoot of films which dwelt on meticulously-crafted political image

In the birth centenary year of MGR, the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Firstpost looks back at what made him an icon.


After Swathi's murder, another violent stalking case reported from Chennai; families were reluctant to approach police

In 2017, only 32 cases of stalking were registered in Chennai, however, the police believes the number could easily be around 270 complaints a month in all the 135 police stations combined