articles by Jai Mrug


Narendra Modi govt thrives on popularity in polls, but grim reality on roti-kapda-makaan provides stark contrast

Poll on poll indicates that the Narendra Modi government still remains the most popular government of the day, yet poised to win a Lok Sabha election if it may come.


Amritsar train tragedy: Securing assets like railways key to avoiding mishaps; 1,400 killed in 2016 on Mumbai tracks

What happened in Punjab, is an outcome of Indian Railways' lackadaisical attitude towards its right of way. Had it fenced the railway lines like it did along the route of the high-speed Gatiman Express, the tracks where the mishap took place on Friday would have been completely fenced by now.


Utkal Express derailment: Accident highlights fractures in railway's hiring procedures, skill management

There are several issues of protocol and governance in India, which can be gleaned from the Utkal Express train accident that occurred on Saturday.


Hirakhand Express tragedy: Sabotage or not, Indian Railways could've avoided this mishap

In the case of the recent accident of Hirakhand Express, safety audits and other checks could have prevented this tragedy from taking place.


Railways needs a revenue manager, not a tariff regulator; here's why

On long-haul sectors such as Mumbai-Delhi and Delhi-Sealdah, the Rajdhanis have been beaten by airlines.


Indian Railways' surge pricing: Why strategy for premium trains is myopic and bad move

The surge pricing as a business strategy is myopic. In the short run, passengers may be willing to pay and Indian Railways may also make some money. But in the long run, it will turn them away