articles by Jagadish Shettigar


Demonetisation was good policy decision but it is not adequate to flush out black money from system

Unless preventive measures are taken to stop further generation of black money, demonetisation dose may have to be repeated once in a decade. But the economy and poor people, certainly, are not in a position to bear the pain again


Economic crisis: Narendra Modi govt should take people into confidence rather than be defensive

The Narendra Modi government’s big problem is intellectual bankruptcy and relying too much on bureaucracy who have no political stake. Unfortunately, even BJP spokespersons fail to take credit for the government’s achievements


Agriculture crisis: It's high time for govt to re-look at MSP as a tool to rescue farmers

It has become religious ritual that every year central cabinet meets to revise MSP upwards


FIPB abolition, emphasis on housing are good gestures, but implementation holds key

Implementation of UBI would have helped the ruling party in expanding its support base beyond traditional segment apart from strengthening rural demand and sustaining economy in the long run


From growth trend to black money menace: 10 parameters to assess Arun Jaitley's 2017 budget

The government no more enjoys the luxury of being able to initiate harsh reform measures as it is hardly a couple of years away from the 2019 polls.


Demonetisation: The objective of accountability behind the ordinance extinguishing old notes

What was the agenda behind the cabinet approval for promulgating of an ordinance extinguishing the Reserve Bank of India’s liability for cancelled Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes?


Looking beyond Brexit: A great opportunity for India's economic diplomacy

Brexit may open up an opportunity to India in terms of economic diplomacy.