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COVID-19 vaccination must focus on worst-hit districts; people must practice safety norms, say Gujarat health experts

India must record suspected COVID-19 cases in addition to confirmed ones to get a more accurate picture, said Gujarat-based healthcare experts Dileep Mavalankar and Sanket Mankad


Women run fewer than 13% of India's MSMEs; inaccessibility of credit, govt schemes and now COVID are key hurdles

The biggest challenge faced by women entrepreneurs in India is gender bias in access to finance as studies show that their loan applications are more likely to be delayed or rejected as compared to men


Recent surge in Maharashtra offers clues of how COVID-19 pandemic may move through rest of India

In October 2020, Mumbai appeared to show the future pathway — and potential end-point — for the COVID-19 pandemic. That certainty has been irreparably dented


Priya Ramani, lawyer Rebecca John recount challenges faced in 2-year-long defamation battle against MJ Akbar

Senior journalist Namita Bhandare spoke to Priya Ramani and Rebecca John about the challenges of the recently-concluded trial and the implications of the court verdict


Public health expert says India's COVID-19 vaccines could work against new strain, but people must be vigilant

Reddy, however, said that unlike the more widespread strain, the new variant 'may be more infectious to young people'


Bihar's women win against alcohol but lose to illicit liquor, drug abuse

Prohibition in Bihar changed the lives of the state’s women in many ways — bettering some lives but creating new problems for others


At least 1,16,000 infant deaths due to air pollution recorded in India last year, reveals study

For the youngest infants, most deaths were related to complications from low birth weight and premature birth — direct outcomes of mothers' exposure to air pollution during pregnancy


'Still on ascending arm of epidemic,’ says ex-ICMR epidemiology head as coronavirus goes from high-rises to hinterland

We have still a big chunk of our population which has not been exposed to the virus, says Lalit Kant, former head, epidemiology and communicable diseases, Indian Council of Medical Research


As India eases lockdown, rural districts report COVID-19 surge

In Maharashtra, the epidemic is spreading fast in Gondia, Yavatmal, Wardha and Nagpur while Karnataka's Kodagu and Kalaburagi have seen their doubling times increase over six weeks


COVID-19 pandemic: Private hospitals in India running losses, despite ‘high’ prices

The stark difference between treatment costs at private and public hospitals during the pandemic has rekindled the debate: How is it that private hospitals, despite their exorbitant bills, claim that they are charging patients their best


Outstation COVID-19 patients straining bed strength in Mumbai, says doctor who coordinates between BMC, pvt hospitals

Gautam Bhansali, a specialist in general medicine and infectious diseases, said the patient load in Mumbai will continue to rise till the end of September, but added that the city is prepared


India's health budget needs a boost to brace for impacts of future climate disasters

India has voiced the need to invest in primary healthcare but the budget hasn't kept pace with the announcements, experts say.


World Environment Day 2020: Tribal people are deeply affected with COVID-19 as forest produce worth Rs 1.2 Trillion could go to waste

The collection and sale of minor forest produce are the sources of livelihood of millions of tribespeople and forest-dwellers across India,


Coronavirus Outbreak: As India extends lockdown, health experts question lack of village-level data

Putting an entire country under lockdown makes surveillance and management of the virus less efficient as the resources and manpower are stretched thin.


Sanitation workers are at risk from Coronavirus medical waste that are not discarded properly

Sanitation workers should not be engaged directly in handling solid waste generated by households without protective gear.


Coronavirus Outbreak: Doctors rely on each other and guidelines as no cure or vaccine emerges

The evidence on the efficiency of the drugs are not enough and doctors have to use a range of options while treating COVID-19 patients.


Coronavirus Outbreak: Cannot build an adequate health system to respond to an emergency during an emergency’

How well the current infrastructure is ready to handle a small spike will vary from state to state.


World Water Day: Tropical countries like India to be worst-hit by water stress — UN

Globally, 2.2 billion people do not have access to drinking water that is water both available and free of contamination.


Himalayan towns like Darjeeling, Mussoorie and Kathmandu are going to fast run dry

India has no system to count its climate migrants but ranks fifth among countries most vulnerable to impacts of climate change.