articles by Francois Gautier


Emmanuel Macron’s victory is good news for India, but France must do more to propel the relationship

When they meet early next month, Emmanuel Macron and Narendra Modi should aim for far-reaching and long-lasting agreements — economic, military, nuclear, geographical — even if these against the wishes of the US


The Kashmir Files: We are finally talking about the genocide of Hindus in Valley, but let’s not just stop at that

The success of ‘The Kashmir Files’ should not make us fall into the ‘politically correct’ mode — to talk about the Kashmiri Hindus, but do nothing to change the status quo


150th anniversary of Sri Aurobindo: What no one says about the Great Master

India needs to revive the spirit of Kshatriya which has been blunted by Mahatma Gandhi’s policies. And for that, we need to rediscover the true nationalism as preached and practised by Sri Aurobindo


What the just concluded Beijing Winter Olympics tells us about China and the great Indian complacency

Indian political leaders look so happy with themselves, so complacent and self-satisfied… Where is the drive, where is the ambition, where is the hard, unwavering will to project India in the 21st century as a superpower?


Karnataka hijab controversy: Why Modi government should seriously think about Uniform Civil Code

The hijab controversy may seem harmless, but it is part of a deeper and vaster problem — the use of women by radical Islam to put across a militant message.


Why Indian history textbooks are in absolute and urgent need of revision

After seven years of the BJP government, the education that is given to children is basically a British leftover


Bangladesh, Fabindia episodes show Hindus are easy targets; they need to learn to defend themselves

Hindus have lost their spirit of Kshatriya-hood. They have become selfish and self-centred, cowering at the very sight of any danger. Yet, it is not too late for them to wake up.