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Jammu and Kashmir civic polls: Article 35A just an excuse; NC, PDP avoiding elections due to fear of humiliating defeat

For mainstream parties in general, their once vote banks are now oppositions -- not just that, but protesters.


If Supreme Court revokes Article 35A, mainstream politics will vanish; Ladakh, Jammu to be impacted

Among the many issues that the state of Jammu and Kashmir faces today, Monday's hearing of the revocation of Article 35A has become a major concern for its citizens, mainstream politicians and separatist leaders alike


Burhan Wani's death has inspired a new wave of militancy in Kashmir, as young men pick up guns

Basir Rasool Dar and Waseem Ahmad Khanday wereamong the band of young men who picked up guns in 2016's summer uprising in Kashmir, after popular rebel commander Burhan Muzaffar Wani was killed on 8 July


How Kashmir has risen up against the state in one of its most intense uprisings

How is the mass uprising that started in Kashmir after popular rebel commander Burhan Muzaffar Wani was shot dead by government forces on 8 July, different from previous unrest in the Valley?


As Kashmir's uprising rages, its toll on the psyche of the Valley's children's is difficult to state

In the ongoing uprising in Kashmir it is the children who are turning into the next defiant generation that will prolong the current political crisis for coming years. Go to any part of Kashmir, children as young as three are raising slogans and are well aware why the region has been on lockdown for the past 10 weeks.


Kashmir uprising: As regular schools remain suspended, 'curfew schools' offer lessons

'Curfew schools' have opened up in the neighbourhoods of Kashmir, where youths volunteer to teach children who haven't been able to attend regular classes in over a month


With the Valley on curfew after Burhan Wani's death, Kashmiri artists respond to the uprising

The canvases of Kashmiri artists are perforated with pellets and bullets