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First look at Xiaomi Redmi 2: Smartphone comes with faster processor, new OS and at Rs 6,999 will be a hit

Xiaomi has followed up the Mi4 launch in India with the launch of the Redmi 2 smartphone for the year 2015. Here's our first impression.

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First Look: Moto E is an excellent affordable smartphone, but the front camera disappoints

Motorola has officially launched its new budget smartphone, the second-generation Moto E in India for a price of Rs 6999. Here's our first impression of the Moto E.

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Apple Watch is finally out: Here's why I don't see myself wanting this

Apple Watch is due to launch tonight and while I'm glad that there's so much buzz around Apple's first new product since 2010, I don't find myself coveting this product for sometime.

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Apple Watch event as it happened: Gold edition to start at $10,000

Apple has launched its Apple Watchat a special event in San Francisco. Follow our live blog for all the details.


BBC's rape documentary blocked on YouTube: Free speech gets another martyr in India

No doubt, the documentary India's Daughter has provoked complex reactions in the country. While we have noted earlier that the film lacks perspective and has only shock value, by banning the film the government has made it a new martyr for free speech in India.

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MWC 2015: Will Samsung's 'premium-looking' Galaxy S6 upset Apple's iPhone-cart?

But will a radical design change make Samsung Galaxy S6 stand-out, make it flagship smartphone that will say challenge the iPhone 6? Here's why it won't be so easy.

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Samsung Gear VR headset hands on: Eerie and cool at the same time

So what's it like to actually wear a virtual reality headset? At the recently concluded Samsung Forum in Bangkok, we had a chance to try out the Samsung Gear VR headset.

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First Impressions: Samsung Galaxy A7 is a sleek phablet but without the latest Android

The Galaxy A7 which is the most expensive smartphone of the A series is part of Samsung’s new series which are sleek in design, sport a full-metal body and aimed at the mid/high budget segment user.


Zomato to get 'food-delivery' feature by mid-March: Here's how it will work

Zomato, which recently announced a cashless facility for users in Dubai at select restaurants, is planning to launch a new service which will let customers in India order directly from the app/site.


Shame on Sunitha Krishnan: 5 reasons why sharing the Whatsapp rape video is wrong

Hyderabad-based activist Sunitha Krishnan's Shame the Rapist campaign sounds where she shared a gangrape video reads like a plot from a C-grade Bollywood movie.


Want to avoid being forcibly married on Valentine's Day? A handy guide to avoiding Hindu Mahasabha

When it comes to Valentine's Day activities, it's not at all funny how right-wing groups go around harassing couples. But here are some methods to avoid them.


Microsoft Outlook for iOS review: This email app leaves all others behind

So is Microsoft’s Outlook app worth the hype? Well I’ve been using the app for the last two weeks and I have to say it's one of the best app right now for email.

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Canalys report shows Micromax on top: 3 reasons why Samsung is losing in India

Micromax has ousted Samsung to become the first domestic vendor to take the top spot in the Indian smartphone market. We take a look why.

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Zomato in Dubai gets 'cashless feature': No need for card or cash at restaurant

Zomato, which is India's lead restaurant-search app, has announced a new feature for Dubai-based users which will bring 'cashless' facility to the app users.

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First Impressions: Priced at Rs 19,999, the Xiaomi Mi 4 packs in a decent feature set

Chinese smartphone-maker Xiaomi today launched the Mi 4 in India, its flagship device that was launched last year in July in China. Here's our first impression of the device.

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PM Modi is right that mobile is future of e-Governance: Here are some things that need fixing first

While the Prime Minister spoke about the need to fulfil the Digital India vision as far as e-goverance is concerned, he also very accurately pointed out that all such talk must now focus on mobile first.

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Apple Q1 results explained: As iPhone and Mac sales jump, iPad is going down

How did Apple's other devices fare when it came to revenue and growth? As far as the iPad is concerned, it continues to be on the slump path.

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Ello will now let you share music and video; but let's face it, nobody cares

Ello ,the ad-free network that went viral last year as the Facebook-killer, has launched the ability to share music and video clips in its feed.

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Get iMessage, Netflix on BB: BlackBerry CEO's definition of 'net neutrality' is anything but neutral

BlackBerry CEO John Chen has put forth his own agenda for net neutrality by stating that rival companies should be asked to make their widely used apps available on Blackberry handsets.