articles by Deep N Mukherjee


All that glitters in 7.4% GDP is not growth; here's why govt should be worried

The real GDP of India may be close to 8% but ironically it will go on to imply that the country has moved further away from the recovery path


Bad loan burden: Three reasons why it's a long and hard drawn battle ahead for Indian banks

This time round it may not be easy for the banking system as a whole to revive in next three to five years


Even an 8% GDP may not bring about a quick revival in India Inc’s earnings. Here's why

Corporates may have to patiently wait for the inflation to come under control before a very significant revival in corporate performance occurs.


Devil in the detail: Choice of base year in new GDP series and revisions need clarity

Doubt remains in certain quarters about the pace of recovery. Those doubts are likely to be resolved when the revised estimates for the 2014-15 GDP are published in 2016 and then further revised in 2017


Devil in the detail: Data collection a weak link in new GDP calculation

The sensitivity of final GDP figure to annual industrial survey inputs may be higher as per the new approach than the erstwhile approach


Budget 2015 based on 2 risky assumptions; if they fail Jaitley may struggle to meet targets

India has taken a bet on the fiscal front. The risk may need to be balanced by not reducing the interest rate in next three to six months


RBI should hold rate steady even if Budget 2015 is good

Even if the RBI reduces interest rate further and Indian banks pass on the interest rate cuts immediately, one can't expect a meaningful revival in growth


Danger for small investors as promoters continue taking debt on share pledges

A lot more transparency should be demanded by market participants, particularly the minority shareholders of such companies. Here's why