articles by C Christine Fair


Grappling with Pakistan's 'influence operations': When the patriarchy moves in to silence a female critic

For some 10 years, I have relentlessly exposed Pakistan's influence operations against American scholars, analysts, journalists and the institutions that employ them and rely upon their ability to raise funds to support the organisations' overhead costs and salaries


Trump making America ill again

Studies have found the American leader’s racism and misogyny have been trigger for trauma


As Smart as Sittwe: Going North-East by South-East

The Sittwe port built by India in northern Myanmar will not only cut travel time to the North-East but also reduce India’s dependence on the vulnerable Siliguri Corridor


Nothing Naya about Pakistan but India will never be the same

The Balakot air strike shows that India has moved away from the policy of strategic restraint, a shift that will have enormous impact on the region and beyond.


America's pursuit of a peace accord that won't offer peace

Washington is considering a complete withdrawal of US-led forces in exchange for the Taliban committing to direct talks with Afghan government for a ceasefire


The All-New Great Game

Afghanistan was once dependent on Pakistan, it no longer is. Between 2012 and 2016, Afghan imports from Iran totalled $1.3 billion against $1.2 billion from Pakistan and $1.1 billion from China


Conservatives are waging war on US academia; campaign to harass and intimidate professors will end in bloodshed

At least 50 professors in the United States are literally being targetted at home and in the workplace using stochastic terrorism. A conservative author wrote a book targeting 101 of the “Most Dangerous Academics in America”.


Donald Trump's war on media continues in an America divided into Fox News viewers and a more non-discriminatory crowd

At the heart of Donald Trump's war on media is that Republicans and their allies know that demography is not on their side: America is changing and there is little that they can do to stop it.


Don't be fooled by Democrats taking House of Representatives, America’s democracy is dying on the vine

America’s most economically productive Americans are the majority; yet we are ruled by a regressive minority


Christine Blasey Ford's testimony: Women need to run for office because powerful men will fight to maintain privilege

What was on trial was not the veracity of Ford’s claims; rather the inherent male privileges that women like Ford and others in the #MeToo movement are fighting to destabilise.