articles by Babatdor Dkhar


Nagaland crisis: It's not just sexism, the North Eastern state also has a problem with implementation of law

In the midst of the violence and confusion in Nagaland, what has been lost is the fact that the law should actually be on the side of the people who are fighting for the implementation of the reservation for women rather than on those who oppose it in the civic and municipal bodies.


NBA All-Star Weekend 2017: From Kevin Durant to LeBron James, the best of the league set to clash

This year’s All-Star Game is its 66th Edition, and the game will be played on 19 February. The best from the Western Conference face off against the most elite that the Eastern Conference has to offer.


Despite Russell Westbrook's efforts, Oklahoma City Thunder lacked firepower in loss to Golden State Warriors

Oklahoma City Thunder played their hearts out and Russell Westbrook dropped 47 points. But they just did not have enough firepower and the Warriors won 130-114.


NBA: Golden State Warriors make statement win, crush Cleveland Cavaliers with team work

The 39-point win was a statement that the Warriors knew they needed to make after having lost four straight games to the Cavaliers stretching back to the NBA Finals.


NBA MVP race: Why the talk around Russell Westbrook vs James Harden feels premature

The race for the NBA MVP, according to analysts, has narrowed down to James Harden of the Houston Rockets and Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder.


NBA: Can the Golden State Warriors hold on to their 'super team' with 3 big stars?

For the past two years, the Golden State Warriors have won an incredible 72 games each. That’s dazzling by any yard of measurement. Which begs the question – did the Golden State Warriors really need Kevin Durant?


NBA: 'Super teams' Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers on course for rematch in Finals?

Provided the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers play to their full potential, the two teams should meet in the NBA Finals again this season.


We need to talk about cultural appropriation: Why I agree with Lionel Shriver

With her keynote speech at the Brisbane Writers Festival, Lionel Shriver has put front and centre the 'disease' of cultural appropriation.


Uranium mining: Will India's atomic needs spare those in Meghalaya's Domiasiat?

There is a sense of helplessness and angst among the thousands of Khasis who are fighting helplessly against what they perceive to be complete injustice at the hands of the government.


Shillong's drug problem: Alcoholism does not scare families the way addiction to narcotics does

Drug addiction in Shillong and different parts of the state among young men is a growing problem that could mirror Manipur of the 90s

First Cricket News

That Sachin Tendulkar felicitated Sakshi, Sindhu is the fundamental problem of sports in India

Even in their brightest moments, PV Sindhu, Sakshi Malik and Dipa Karmakar will have to concede the focus of attention to a former cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar


Rio Olympics 2016: Why Usain Bolt is undeniably the greatest athlete of all time

Usain Bolt can run a 100m distance faster than any person in the world, than any human that has ever lived – in recorded history. He is undeniably the GOAT.


Rio Olympics 2016: Why the Games should get rid of football, basketball and tennis

The Olympics does not need mainstream popular sports like basketball, football, and tennis as they tend to do more harm than good.


Brexit: The EU referendum was a test of who can sell immigration best

Immigration was always going to be the deciding factor. In 2016, where advancement in technology and competition from lower-wages countries, especially in Asia, are responsible for the job scarcity, the easiest option is passing on the buck.


To leave or not to leave: Brexit debate polarises British voters, politicians

The British referendum has polarised voters into those who wish Britain stays in the UK and those who are in favour of a Brexit.


NBA finals: Leading Cleveland Cavaliers to historic win, LeBron James does justice to his legacy

Cleveland Cavaliers' NBA Finals win was one of the most amazing comebacks in all of sports and LeBron James was responsible for it.


NBA Finals: Phenomenal LeBron James forces Game 7; Cavaliers one step away from making history

Cleveland Cavaliers beat Golden State Warriors 115-101 in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, and now have a chance to do what no team in the history of the NBA has ever done: Come back from 3-1 down to win the best-of-7 final.


NBA Finals: Cleveland Cavaliers benefit from Draymond Green absence but Game 6 won’t be the same

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving scored 41 points each to lead all scorers and steer the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 112-97 win over the Golden State Warriors.


NBA Finals: LeBron James left frustrated as Cleveland Cavaliers could lose another title to Golden State

A Cavaliers win would have tied the series at 2-2, and brought with it a level of excitement and anticipation for the remainder of the NBA finals.