articles by Ayesha Minhaz


Unseen Warriors of COVID: Forced to beg for our rights, say Hyderabad's ASHA workers

Frontline and healthcare workers were assigned additional duties to help manage the public health emergency. But while the number of tasks expected of ASHAs kept increasing, the protective gear dwindled


COVID-19 Lockdown: With low bargaining power, migrant workers in Telangana await relief; NGOs call KCR's disbursal plan flawed

COVID-19 outbreak: Labour rights experts, activists and the advocacy group have been persistently requesting the government to implement the GO 13 in full spirit, and have called for a revised estimate of the total beneficiaries. They also seek a policy that covers every migrant worker unconditionally, without making employers liable.


Police cordon and search ops targeting Muslim localities in Hyderabad see normalisation of military tactic in India's most liveable city

Since 2015, officials from the Hyderabad police department have claimed that cordon and search operations helped keep tabs on suspicious persons, illegal activities, rowdy-sheeters, property offenders and those involved in other offences