articles by Avik Chakraborty


Talk of ST status for Assam's 'tea tribes' may give BJP fillip in election year, but real benefits miles away at ground zero

The tea tribe's sizeable population across Assam makes them a politically important demography for any party in the wake of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Hence, this made for an opportune time to pick up the quota debate.


Of no fixed abode: 45-year-old domestic help Ganga Paswan worries for daughters' future as family is excluded from NRC

The exclusion of Ganga Paswan's family from the final draft of the Assam NRC has hit them hard.


Of no fixed abode: Off NRC after living in Assam for 100 years, teacher's family says govt harassing genuine citizens

Reba Chakraborty Deb, 71, and her son Suhartta are extremely dissatisfied with the NRC process as their names have been excluded from the final draft released on 30 July despite the fact that their family has lived in Assam for over 100 years