articles by Ashish Mehta


IFFI 2019: In its 50th year, script for India's premier film festival has turned more dramatic than a mass entertainer 

The golden jubilee of the country’s premier film event, IFFI, is a cause for celebration — and, some purists would add, also of introspection.


Mahatma Gandhi and food: From shunning 'abominable chocolate' to advocating fruitarian diet, a journey of the culinary cosmopolitan

Mahatma Gandhi’s eclectic food choices reflect his equally eclectic confluence of many spiritual traditions.


On John Ruskin's 200th birth anniversary, a look at how his seminal work Unto The Last inspired Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi said John Ruskin's Unto The Last was the book “that brought about an instantaneous and practical transformation in my life”. This was because he “discovered some of my deepest convictions reflected in this great book”.


Gandhi and self-transformation: The Mahatma's life is an example of philosophy as the art of living

Mahatma Gandhi is arguably the only individual, after the Buddha, who provides a measure of man’s potential to cultivate a rich inner life and attain self-transformation


As Noam Chomsky turns 90, a look at how he made the world seem a little less inhuman, and a lot more comprehensible

In linguistics and cognitive sciences, Noam Chomsky is routinely named as the greatest mind in the last 2,500 years


Gujarat result: Outsourcing election to Hardik and Jignesh may be counterproductive for Rahul Gandhi, Congress

Rahul Gandhi’s smart move of outsourcing, however, can only take the Congress this far, and no further.


Gujarat Assembly Election Results: BJP for a Gujarati is what CPM was for a Bengali; majoritarianism has trumped governance

BJP has been in power in Gujarat since 1995 & shows no signs of anti-incumbency. What we are witnessing is comparable only to long CPM rule in West Bengal.


Gujarat polls: Hindutva has a slightly longer history in the state than you may believe

Much before Modi was parachuted into the state in October 2001—because with Keshubhai Patel as chief minister, BJP was losing popularity in civic body elections and bypolls—the BJP and Hindutva had very much arrived in the state.


Gujarat election 2017: Here’s what you should know about Modi’s two stalwart predecessors in Gujarat

Narendra Modi is mostly a sui generis politician. In simple language, one of a kind, in a class by himself. But there are two former chief ministers of Gujarat whose tricks and tactics must have gone into the making of Modi. Consider it this way: When a younger Modi, as BJP state unit organisational secretary, was trying to make space for the party, he had to contend with these two gentlemen more than the rest.


Gujarat polls: Narendra Modi is setting the agenda by tapping into people’s anger and deflecting it at the same time

Modi is setting the agenda. Rahul Gandhi, never a match to him, is less so on his home ground. If at all there is any risk of caste-based division of votes, there is always the ace card of Hindutva