articles by Anvisha Manral


Jarjar Ghar: Documentary on Mumbai's generational tenants underscores city's ethos, and its glaring housing crunch

Shot entirely during the ongoing pandemic, the six-minute documentary captures vignettes of a 200-year-old building on Marine Lines' Sonapur Street, crumbling on the outside but bustling within.


The Reanimated Corpse: A multiplayer game follows a scout in 1970s Bombay, offering an oral model of film conservation

The origins of the game date back to 2017, when the creators studied the diverse methods employed globally in the restoration of film from around the world at Italy's Pordenone Silent Film Festival.


Arun Shourie on his book Preparing For Death, and the possibility of meeting our end with equanimity

If we think about death all the time, we won't do any living at all, said Arun Shourie, discussing his new book 'Preparing For Death' at Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai Litfest.


With Oinam 1987, four artists aim to examine India's systematic indifference towards the people of North East

With the coronavirus affirming the country's systematic indifference towards the people of North East, The Bluebirds wish to ultimately establish a practice premised on 'care and healing', despite the weight of socio-political half-truths.

Arts & Culture

Broken Foot, an exhibition featuring 60 artists, records socio-political fallout of India's migrant workers crisis

In the absence of an official, comprehensive record of the coronavirus lockdown-triggered exodus, an exhibition curated by artists Rumi Samadhan and Prabhakar Kamble foregrounds and responds to the Indian migrant's long journey home.


Family Albums From Ladakh: Nostalgia and memory converge in a rare examination of the 'Ladakhi' identity

Family Albums From Ladakh by Ladakh Arts and Media Organisation (LAMO) focuses on how representations of the region changed with the arrival of photography.


At Bengaluru's Byramangala lake, amid pollution and lack of structural support, a novel farming system flourishes

Removed from the urban dialogue on climate change as well as the media gaze, farmers and herders around Bengaluru's Byramangala lake tackle pollution and landlessness.


What critics of 'period leave' ignore: Fallout of inherently gendered world impacts every aspect of women’s lives

Predictably, the pushback to Zomato’s seemingly progressive step typifies the usual response to any reproductive health reform with women at the centre.


Amid a pandemic, HIV-positive patients confront reduced access to life-saving drugs, fears of social ostracisation in India

Four HIV+ individuals and a couple of NGO workers recount their experience of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic at a time when access to healthcare, despite becoming as indispensable as ever, is strained – and in some cases elusive.


The Corona Quilt Project weaves together stories of hope, hopelessness, and living through a pandemic

The Corona Quilt Project is a creative, non-verbal way of expressing things that sometimes words are not able to capture.


In Nepal, a storytelling initiative engages local women in dispelling stigma surrounding menstrual hygiene

The story of Kumari seeks to empower the women of Nepal to voice their discomfort with practices that should be critiqued, but have been pushed behind a veneer of culture.


India bans 59 chinese apps: TikTok's runaway success in India is a story best understood through the rise of the platform's many stars

To study the popularity of TikTok in India is to study an emergent Indian class, a group of individuals for whom the platform is a space inclusive of all kinds of sensibilities and contradictions.


In Pakistan, artists reinvent contemporary art canon as galleries negotiate virtual experiences amid a pandemic

As Pakistan looks to reimpose a locality-based lockdown, what has the COVID-19 pandemic meant for the country’s art scene, which had put years of political mayhem and curbs on artistic freedom behind itself?


Amid a pandemic, lockdown and govt apathy, NGOs ensure online education addresses learning needs of disabled children

Even as institutions embark on digital platforms to cope with the disruption of traditional pedagogical methods amid the coronavirus crisis, the absence of the disabled community from conversations on education raises questions over the sustainability of online academic practice.


Lessons from Manipur: How community workers aided the state's vulnerable groups during coronavirus crisis

Although the coronavirus crisis has posed varied challenges for different communities, Manipur certainly offers significant takeaways that could be useful in the achievement of long term development goals.


Fida Khan on her new podcast De Taali, navigating relationships as a transgender woman in India

In a chat with Firstpost, singer and podcast host Fida Khan discusses the cultural and social barriers that often impede relationships in the transgender community.


An all-trans men football team in Manipur challenges male-female binary in sport, hopes for greater queer inclusion

Manipur's all-trans men football team is a counter to the male-female dichotomy in sport that doesn't provide enough space for queer participation.


Taslima Nasrin revisits writing Amar Meyebela in exile: 'It is the story of millions of women, not just mine'

Speaking from her home in New Delhi, Taslima Nasrin travels back to the time when Amar Meyebela was another solitary thought, keeping her company in exile


Ghalib and his muse: With Kathak and poetry, the legend of Nawab Jaan gets a new lease of life

In The Legend of Nawab Jaan and Mirza Ghalib, the focus shifts to the courtesan who was able to inspire one of the world's greatest literary treasures.


Mumbai Pride 2020: Thousands stand in solidarity with queer Muslims amid CAA-NRC chaos, urge govt to amend 'draconian' Transgender Act

At the Queer Azaadi Mumbai Pride 2020 in Mumbai, sentiments of a broken "cistem" ran high, as thousands gathered to further the cause of equality, LGBTQIA+ rights.