articles by Ankur Bisen


Coronavirus Outbreak: Invisibility of circular migrants in host states is at the heart of their exodus from urban centres

Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, many issues have begun to emerge from their dormant existence and unfold dramatically to capture the public's mind


Travis Kalanick quits as Uber CEO: Here is what it means for the startup world

While Kalanick’s departure from Uber is not desirable for the business’s vision and its growth trajectory, it is vital for company’s survival.


A four-point check list for Budget 2017: How to deal with the nervous excitement

More than demonetization’s ability to recover vast quantum of black money in the short span, its ability to increase the base for in-direct taxes in future is more appealing.

Real estate

India's urban mess: Why setting up smart cities is going to be a tough task

Delhi's urban planning story is also the story of urban planning in India - makeshift, patchwork, and fire-fighting. Indian cities today resemble an urban mess, a consequence of the manner in which they were imagined and planned decades ago.


Lessons for brand marketers: What HM's Ambassador should have learnt from the Enfield Bullet

Building an iconic brand can be a long and arduous journey, whose core is the product itself. It is not about technology or any other prowess but about continually manufacturing the product in line with the DNA or traits that have captured the consumer's imagination.