articles by Aninda Dey


2024 Republican nomination: Trump vs ‘White Knight’ Kemp, DeSantis and Trumpism

The race for the GOP’s presidential nomination heats up with rising chances of a cornered Trump contesting independently


Biden’s Armageddon: US 2022 nuclear posture review raises spectre of The End

The fifth review, the most dangerous since the first in 1994, is ambiguous and a pretext to increase the US nuke stockpile


Trump’s 2024 bid: Divider-in-chief still has two more years to plot his return

Despite the Midterms shocker, legal troubles and waning popularity, the former president’s core base is intact and he is the de facto leader of a divided GOP


Indians should stop getting excited: Rishi Sunak is hardcore anti-immigrant 'Conservative'

Rishi Sunak was supported by Tory MPs because of his integrity and professionalism and not his ‘Indian’ lineage or skin colour


Corrupt Iran regime will be eventually toppled, protesters need charismatic leader: Marina Nemat

Marina Nemat was only 16 when she was arrested, brutally tortured and forced to convert and marry at the notorious Evin Prison before being freed around two years later. She recounts the brutality against Iranian women and speaks about the current rebellion and its future in an interview


Ghosts of 6 January are coming home to roost, but bad boy Steve Bannon is already thinking 2024

The most dangerous political provocateur in the US is energising Trump’s legions for the Battle of 2024


China to strike US bases in Indo-Pacific, aircraft carriers in war over Taiwan

Every Pentagon war game has shown the PLA beating America with its biggest arsenal of longest-range missiles


Abortion not about pro-choice or pro-life: It’s about winning elections in United States

The ‘choice versus life’ debate has made it easier for both Republicans and Democrats to mobilise voters on Election Day


Armistice, not arms, only way out of Ukrainian quagmire

The supply of sophisticated arms to Ukraine and the crippling sanctions on Russia have failed to halt Vladimir Putin’s aggression


Biased Delhi Police chargesheet against CAA-protestors shows how institutions become victims of political duress

The most jarringly missing name in the 17,000-page charge sheet is that of Delhi BJP leader and former AAP MLA Kapil Mishra, the ‘instigator-in-chief’ in the riots.


Rhea Chakraborty arrested: With no drugs found in her possession, NCB action travesty of law; media behaviour tramples on human dignity

Comparison of Sanjay Dutt’s case with Rhea’s is a glaring contrast: the actor was caught with drugs.


India-China standoff in east Ladakh: Beijing firm on changing LAC status, accessing Rezang La

The flatness of the southern bank of Pangong Tso, compared to the north, makes it all the more militarily important to both India and China


From China to coronavirus and Joe Biden to job creation, Donald Trump spins familiar web of lies at RNC

Reading another chapter from his playbook of lies and distortions during the Republican Party’s nomination acceptance speech, Donald Trump displayed how he could leave even Goebbels in his dust.


Kamala Harris poses a major nightmare scenario for Donald Trump ahead of November election

Donald Trump risks alienating Black voters further if he continues with racial divisiveness and attacks Kamala Harris personally


Hariri verdict, a Russian-owned ship and Hezbollah-Israel animosity: Conspiracy theories abound over Beirut blast

In the Lebanese cesspool of corruption and mismanagement, the actual reason for the Beirut blast or the identity of men behind it may never be known


Blindsided in Ladakh: Seeds of Galwan crisis sown by China in 5-year-old white paper

The white paper showed that China would focus on cyber and space warfare and joint military operation; develop "long-range, precise, smart, stealthy and unmanned weapons"; and prioritise local and informationisation wars as "in the foreseeable future, a world war is unlikely"


US-Iran tensions present opportunity for Putin to fill leadership vacuum on world stage, prevent arch-rivals from going to war

Considering the good relations between US president Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin, it is time for the Russian leader to emerge as a hero who could avert a direct confrontation between the US and Iran


Donald Trump's foreign interference remarks: US president using media to rally base, stay in spotlight ahead of 2020

Donald Trump’s braggadocio came on a day on which his eldest son Donald Trump Jr was grilled by the Senate Intelligence Committee,


Democrats remain a divided house on impeaching President Donald Trump as Senate numbers favour Republicans

Robert S Mueller III provided enough ammo to the Democrats for launching a blitzkrieg on President Donald Trump.