articles by Ajoy Bose


Different hues of UP politics: From disciplined BSP cadre to boisterous slogan-shouting SP supporters

BSP rallies are marked by disciplined and the low-key approach of its cadre, with crowds sitting in neat rows and remaining silent particularly when Mayawati is speaking


Why 2022 Uttar Pradesh elections may mark the end of Mayawati’s illustrious political career

Mayawati and her Bahujan Samaj Party seem to have reached a point of terminal decline from where a political comeback appears highly improbable


Shellacked in Assembly polls, Mayawati gets a timely lesson; hubris is no way to revive a sinking political career

Mayawati’s biggest setback has come in Chattisgarh where her gamble tying up with former Congress leader and chief minister Ajit Jogi has spectacularly failed.


Kathua rape: Solid case built by Jammu police against accused offers hope that justice will be served

The charge sheet filed in the Kathua rape and murder case appears to be fairly watertight and should stand up in court with the case likely to be fast-tracked by the Mehbooba Mufti government


Post Gujarat, parties inimical to Congress will develop a stake in Rahul Gandhi re-energising it before 2019

The significantly improved performance by his party in the Gujarat Assembly polls presents the newly anointed Congress president Rahul Gandhi with an interesting dilemma. He has managed to snatch a moral victory from the jaws of defeat by dragging the BJP below a hundred seats in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s bastion. But he has done so by ceding vital space to three political mavericks from outside the Congress using their energy to charge up his party’s electoral campaign regardless of the risks involved.


UP Election 2017: All is not well for BJP in Varanasi as locals notice credibility gap between promise and delivery

Discussions with a variety of people in Varanasi, some of them close to the BJP were dominated by self-goals committed by the party leadership ahead of the election.


UP Election 2017: With Modi's demonetisation gamble, SP-Congress' unfamiliar alliance, no clear winner in state

The outcome of the ongoing Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls still hangs in a delicate balance. There is no clear winner in sight even at the mid-way mark of this gruelling month-long seven-phase electoral battle across India's by far most populous state.


Punjab Election 2017: Disaffection against Badals will see BJP-SAD combine decimated

Widespread anger against the ruling Badal clan along with growing public resentment across Punjab with demonetisation could push the Shiromani Akali Dal-BJP regime to not just defeat but a humiliating rout in this week’s Assembly polls


BJP's skirmishes with judiciary won't make Bharat Congress mukt

Ironically, much of the BJP’s strong arm methods to marginalise the Congress that has antagonised the judiciary as well regional parties was quite necessary.


Rohith Vemula haunts Smriti Irani; Dalit vote prompts her HRD ministry ouster

Smriti Irani's ouster from the HRD ministry in cabinet reshuffle is believed to be triggered by the deep-rooted alienation caused among the Dalit community.