articles by Ajay Kumar


Gujarat anti-conversion law is an example of State interference in name of protection

The existence of these laws is living proof that India doesn't have a composite culture. We are heavily divided on communal lines


COVID-19 vaccine supply crisis: Centre should amend Income Tax Act, invoke Companies Act, 2013 for manufacturers

Government needs to do is to call the bluff on "profits" and so called "super profits" which are allegedly required to re-investment and R&D to produce more vaccines. An urgent amendment to the Income Tax Act, 1961 is needed.


Love jihad laws: State has no business examining religious conversions; it breaches secular tenets, assaults civil liberties

It is senseless that we in the 21st century are still dealing with religion as though it was a means to determine one's relationship to the State.


By withdrawing general consent, states could render CBI a toothless tiger

Over the years, given the lack of general faith in India's law enforcement system, the CBI has managed to maintain the public perception of being a professional investigating agency


Turkey and Pakistan must be ostracised for dim view of Freedom of Expression, not France

Freedom of speech's biggest enemy is government overreach, but there aren't that many countries outside the Muslim world that would behead you for drawing a cartoon


Koshyari's letter to Thackeray doesn't befit the impartiality expected from Governor's office

Governors must loathe appearing as agents or appointees of the Central Government if they are to maintain their impartiality and the confidence of their ministers


Solicitor General’s stance on same-sex marriage before Delhi HC goes against Indian law; rights aren't a matter of political convenience

The law of India does recognise same-sex relationships and it is time for courts in this country to declare the law and bring relief to millions of LGBTQ individuals who live in India.


Prashant Bhushan has shown he's no Gandhi; by agreeing to pay fine, lawyer who defied SC has only ended up defiling justice

Reading the tweets from the hearing, one could understand that the Supreme Court was in anguish about what had unfurled. Bhushan tried the case in the media as observed by Mishra J when he released his statements even before filing them in court.


By quashing FIRs against foreign Tablighi Jamaat members, Bombay HC shows govt that Muslims can’t be singled out for prosecution

One hopes that the powers that be will take note of the judgement, which quashed the FIRs against 29 foreign Tablighi Jamaat attendees, and mend the errors in their ways. It’s about time someone read the Riot Act to the executive branch


Supreme Court is about to score an own goal in Prashant Bhushan case; jailing him will turn 'dissident' into public hero

The only way for the Supreme Court to save face right now is if Bhushan apologises. If they don't sentence him for contempt, the message sent would be that the Court bowed to public pressure. If they do, then Bhushan becomes a hero and photos of him happily walking into prison are on the front page of every newspaper.


Ayodhya bhumi pujan: Would Lord Ram have sanctioned just war that caused mosque to fall by unjust means?

When it is recognised that the breaking of the mosque in Ayodhya was wrong, just restoration as ordered must be made before a temple may be built there; meaning that at the hour of inauguration, the only god there will be the one projecting himself as one


SC's actions in Prashant Bhushan, Twitter case show court as vehicle for administration, not dispenser of justice

If Twitter has an obligation to unilaterally take down tweets without an order, then the SC must not just state the source of this obligation but also spell out when this obligation is activated


Coronavirus lockdown must catalyse widespread use of virtual hearings in Indian legal system

Virtual hearings have shown that matters can be heard quickly and disposed of quickly. Further, the barrier created by urgency, has ensured that only cases that truly belong in court are being brought to the court


Rape threats against Agrima Joshua show Shivaji's progressive ideals have been hijacked by thugs

The clip can be found online and, quite frankly, is really funny because it makes fun of a government that’s spending, what many taxpayers consider a lot of money, building a memorial for Shivaji. The clip in no way even hints at a joke about the man, only makes fun of the jingoism of his followers.


Vikas Dubey killing: How was a fleeing gangster shot in the chest? Why no handcuffs? Too many questions for UP Police to answer

Last Friday, eight police personnel were gunned down in an ambush when they went to try and arrest Vikas Dubey. After a manhunt, he was found on Thursday in Ujjain, and Friday morning he was dead


Who is an Indian citizen? Should all immigrants be naturalised? The problem of citizenship is a knot too hard to untie

In India today, the topic of citizenship has become a hot button issue thanks to the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019, (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC).


CAA, NRC, Article 370 protests have called into question idea of India's secularism; answers lie beyond the Constitution

Saying India is secular because the Constitution says so is an appeal to authority. The people of India deserve the dignity of an argument for secularism


Citizenship Amendment Act: Mass awareness campaign need of the hour as misinformation on law fuels protests, serves vested interests

The fact is blatant misinformation about this Act has been spread by vested interests and this misinformation is bringing this country to the brink of a full-blown riot.


Meghalaya HC's 'Hindu Nation' opinion makes no sense: India should not ape Pakistan, it has been secular since pre-Independence days

The idea that India was ever meant to be a Hindu country is laughable and the high court's observations on this point, apart from being unwarranted, fly in the face of reason.