articles by Aishwarya Kulkarni


Remembering Chetan Datar: Decade after his death, Ek Madhav Baug playwright remains a giant of Marathi theatre

As a theatre stalwart, he wore many hats – dramatist, playwright, actor, director and mentor. But not much is known about Chetan Datar, the man.


Pavan K Varma on his book about Adi Shankaracharya and the shrinking scope for debate in today's world

Former diplomat and author Pavan K Varma's latest book on the sage Adi Shakaracharya was launched by Gulzar


Mumbai rains: A tale of stranded citizens, crippled infrastructure, and help from unexpected quarters

A look at how citizens, public officials and disaster response teams dealt with stranded passengers, flooded roads and cancelled trains during Mumbai rains


Kavi Kumar Azad passes away: Actors engage in drastic weight loss or gain for roles, but at what cost?

Kavi Kumar Azad's case isn't the first one has heard of an actor risking his/her health for a role


John Oliver vs world leaders: From Rodrigo Duterte to Xi Jinping, heads of state who got the Last Week Tonight treatment

John Oliver's latest story on Xi Jinping led to his ban in China. But this is not the first time a government or a foreign leader has reacted in this manner.


International Yoga Day 2018: From beer to pets and chocolate — a look at the strangest asana fads

From beer and pet yoga to chocolate and rage yoga, this International Yoga Day learn about bizarre yoga trends that have mushroomed all over the world.


RTI links the lowest common denominator with the idea of democracy, says activist Aruna Roy

Aruna Roy unveiled her latest book titled 'The RTI Story: Power to the People' with former Central Information Commissioner, Shailesh Gandhi in Mumbai.