articles by Abhijit Majumder


Two books, two eras and one tale of Islamist terror

Holy war is not complete until the screams of its victims burn like a blazing advertisement across the psyche of generations


Washington Post’s hypocrisy on Disha and why India doesn’t need its democracy certificate

The paper should be asked why it has been running a one-sided campaign against India


How Greta Thunberg backed climate chaos, Disha Ravi and others helped Khalistani group

Why did Greta decide to throw in her celebrity behind a cause directly at war with what she represents?


'Andolanjivi' to 'foreign destructive ideology', PM Modi chooses his targets with care

The speech was a master play in separating the wheat from the chaff. Modi chose his targets carefully, aiming at the bullseye, not the sport; at the problem-makers, not the people.


In Rihanna, Greta, Malala’s anti-India symphony, who is the invisible conductor?

This sudden concert of global celebrity voices against India’s government begs the question: who is wielding the baton?


Delhi farmer riots: For 'liberals', Capitol and Capital are more than a spelling gap

India’s rising new nationalism has spawned hostile press across the “liberal” western world, whose backing is itself in question


Don’t be fooled. This is not a farmers' protest

It is clear now that whatever the government might do, the protesters are adamant


For India, steady Joe Biden may be better than heady Donald Trump

Economic ties may strengthen further, in the absence of overtly personal vested interest and a long-term vision replacing a short-term, mercantile approach


Pros and cons of Mamata Banerjee’s Nandigram showdown against Suvendu Adhikari

The CM is signalling to her supporters that she will punish Adhikari’s betrayal herself. She is telling them that she is not the dejected and flustered Mamata that her rivals are trying to project.


From virus to vaccine, how has India done in the war against COVID?

Today, while India has the second highest number of cases after the US and third highest deaths after the US and Brazil, it has one of the lowest per capita cases and deaths


As protesters attack India's big business and economy, a question arises: Who gains?

After causing the public exchequer an estimated hit of more than Rs 30,000 crore, the farmers’ protest is spreading out into more disturbing territory


Hunting down 'fascist' Donald Trump in expressly fascist ways

America and the world would be foolish to embark on a vengeful hunt of Trump's legacy instead of dealing with the real danger to free speech: Big Tech, the new colonisers.


Our hypocrisy over culture of violent protests has led to Capitol Hill mayhem

Whether at the Capitol Hill in Washington DC, central London, Place de la Republique in Paris, or Chand Bagh in Delhi, there were dark forces at play


Nischal murder can’t stop change in Kashmir, maths will trump terrorists’ bullets

The liberal veneer of ‘Kashmiriyat’ once again slipped to bare the real agenda of separatism and terror in Kashmir: Islamist fundamentalism


Happy new year, Congress. Or is it?

As one of the darkest years for mankind slips into history, India’s once-mighty Congress party has little to raise the glass of champagne to


Are the Left and Congress playing China’s game?

Punjab railway lines were blocked, cutting off supplies to the critical Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. The exchequer has lost more than Rs 30,000 crore. Who gains from all this?


Narendra Modi’s toast in Aligarh, trailer in Srinagar, teaser for Assam and Bengal

While Narendra Modi was speaking at Aligarh Muslim University, the BJP was emerging as the single largest party in the Jammu and Kashmir District Development Council elections.


Will Mamata Banerjee’s decline revive the Left in Bengal again?

Bengal's voters are not likely to forget in a hurry the last arrogant and oppressive years of the Left Front


Why Congress can't field its reforms heroes Manmohan and Montek in farm debate

Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar recently reminded critics of the new laws that Manmohan Singh and former agriculture minister Sharad Pawar wanted to bring the same reforms


Can street protests compensate for Indian Opposition's electoral bankruptcy?

When it comes to the hard currency of democracy—electoral popularity and success—the BJP has been nearly unbeatable for over half a decade