Nextbit Robin's technical support stopped by parent company Razer

After acquiring Nextbit in January this year, owners Razer (a gaming hardware company) have now decided to shut down support for the one and only handset Nextbit ever launched, the Robin.

The Nextbit Robin

The Nextbit Robin

Yes, owners of the Nextbit Robin will be surprised to know that the company will no longer support warranty claims nor offer technical support over the phone. Those customers who are currently being processed for warranty issues will be contacted via email and Razer will ensure that they are processed to completion.

Nextbit announced the same via its official Twitter handle and also confirmed that while support has been shut down, the company would still continue to offer software updates until February 2018.

The NextBit Robin was a mid-range smartphone that was purely a crowdfunded effort. The idea behind the Robin was a phone that basically store apps (and their data) on the cloud. If the smartphone ran out of data, apps would be stored to the cloud and then downloaded whenever the user clicked on it. The smartphone would manage frequently used apps in a way that they would always be available locally, while other would be backed up to the cloud and downloaded when necessary.

The end of support is not the end of the road for Nextbit. Razer had announced that they were keen on the mobile gaming industry back in June. Mainly focussed on gaming hardware, the company's CEO Tan Min-liang hinted that mobile gaming is going to be a huge part of the company's business.

Indeed, Razer could be working on a gaming-oriented smartphone that used Nextbit's cloud capabilites along with Ouya's Android hardware experience. Razer had acquired Ouya back in 2015.

Published Date: Aug 02, 2017 13:12 PM | Updated Date: Aug 02, 2017 13:35 PM