Live: Mayawati reminds Smriti Irani of her promise to cut off her own head in Parliament - Firstpost
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Live: Mayawati reminds Smriti Irani of her promise to cut off her own head in Parliament

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Feb 26, 2016

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"I am compelled to read a few things," said Smriti Irani.

"There is an accusation that Mehmood ki topi Ahmed par hai. Pata nahi kiski topi kiske sar pe hai...main bina topi ke hoon," she said.

Irani then quoted a JNU document which, according to Irani's speech, said that "the execution of Afzal Guru was a nervous attempt by Congress."

"And it (the JNU document) also speaks about a public meeting that they have the right to hold a festival called Mahishasura martyrdom day," she said.

Irani then said that some minority students who were protesting against this festival were beaten up by Left-leaning JNU students.

"What is Mahishasura martyrdom day?" Irani said. She then again quoted the document.

"The document said that Durga Puja is a controversial, racist festival where a fair-skinned goddess is depicted killing a dark demon," Irani said.

She also said that document described Durga as a "sex worker called Durga who enticed Mahishasur into marriage. Every year, thousand of Durga puja pandals are erected showing her in a bad light, in a sexual position."

As soon as Irani finished reading this out, a huge uproar erupted in the Parliament.
"What is happening here? It is highly objectionable!" thundered Anand Sharma. "Tomorrow, if any of the ministers bring in any derogatory reference, what are we reducing this House to?"

First Published On : Feb 26, 2016 19:53 IST

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