E3 2006: The Wall

Shrouded in a cloak of mystery, The Wall was one of the few titles at E3 that passed by relatively unnoticed, but that was probably because it wasn't backed by a big name like EA or Ubisoft or didn't start with H and end with an O.

Onto the game anyway; The Wall will be a first person shooter that's set in a post-apocalyptic future (sigh) and will be developed by the same dudes behind Ubersoldier (uber crap game by the way). Humans have screwed the planet and as a result the climate's gone ballistic with extreme weather changes that have led to the post-apocalyptic setting. Now only three major factions remain: The Government (name's pretty self-explanatory isn't it?), The Environmentalists who want to be one with nature (and dance around trees probably) and The Church, who with the help of modern science plan on creating paradise on earth using a perfect race of humans.

This is where your character Adam (of Adam and Eve fame) comes in and your aim in the game is to ensure peace prevails once again.

The game will be pretty non-linear and will allow you to align with any of the factions and the cool part here is that the look of the weapons you wield will depend on the faction you're aligned with. Adam will also be gifted with some sort of super-powers that are unknown at this point. Visually, the game will probably come with all the bells and whistles that you're so accustomed to and will ship somewhere in 2008 for the PC and the PS3.

the wall_t.jpg

Published Date: May 16, 2006 12:00 pm | Updated Date: May 16, 2006 12:00 pm