World Animal Day 2021: Social movement with the mission to improve welfare standards for them

Animals play a crucial role in maintaining the fragile ecological balance of the earth

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World Animal Day 2021: Social movement with the mission to improve welfare standards for them

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Every year on 4 October, World Animal Day is celebrated across the globe. Also known as Animal Lovers' Day, the global initiative for animal rights is aimed at raising awareness about their importance in the ecosystem and improving their welfare standards. Besides, the day also seeks to address the plight of animals, both wild and domestic, and initiate better efforts towards their protection and conservation.


This special day was selected in honour of the feast of Francis of Assisi, who was regarded as a patron saint of animals. The day was first celebrated on 24 March, 1925 at the Sport Palace in Germany’s Berlin city. The first World Animal Day was celebrated by Heinrich Zimmermann. He was a cynologist (one who specialises in training and care of dogs) as well as an animal protection activist. Around 5,000 officials attended the celebrations in a show of support.

In 1931, World Animal Day was globalised at a world animal protection organisation conference in Florence, Italy. They unanimously accepted the proposal to celebrate 4 October as World Animal Day.

Furthermore, in the year 2002, the Finnish Association of Animal Protection Associations observed and celebrated the day. Even school children participated in it. Since 2003, the Naturewatch Foundation has managed and supervised this international celebration every year. It is a UK based animal welfare charity that is well established and renowned across the world.


Animals play a crucial role in the environment, from maintaining ecological balance to bringing about human wellness. Along with recognising this importance, World Animal Day also ensures that efforts are continued to be made to provide the animals with better rescue shelters, launch better animal welfare programmes and raise necessary for funds for them.

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