Why startup CorruptTour should come to India

CorruptTour is a travel startup that is unlike any other. That name is not a pun while you might think so - it offers exactly what the name says, a tour of the most corrupt places in the city of Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. You can check out more details here.

What are some of the offerings like? Well sample this:

Of the several tours it offers, is one called 'The Prague Crony Safari'. According to the description:

A safari of the habitats of cronies in the wild. Inconspicuous nests to divert unwanted attention. Ostentatious dens to intimidate the meek. The Safari takes care to keep pristine the natural habitats of these national treasures. 

 Why startup CorruptTour should come to India

Screengrab of Corrupt Tour website.

Another part of the tour takes a visitor to three of the most corrupt hospitals in the city. The description reads: 'Three Prague hospitals notorious for graft and sleaze, three episodes of a never-ending story, three new types of heroes who help the archetypal characters from soaps to navigate the labyrinth of bureaucracy.'

The idea of CorruptTour might sound rather absurd and one would wonder who would ever want  to go on such a tour. However, the tongue-in-cheek humour aside, the tour is clearly a comment on how government bodies and society function. Much more interesting and edgy than the usual walks around parks and museums.

According to this Corruption Perceptions Index Czech Republic is ranked 54 out of a list of 174 corrupt countries. Of course, India is ranked much lower at 94.

CorruptTour is also looking for startup funding according to this piece on Skift, and is listed on AngelList but hasn't found too many takers.

In India, we've got slum tourism with foreigners exploring Dharavi and other such places in Mumbai. Perhaps it's time India too got some tours based on corruption. In our case of course, the number of tour possibilities is endless.

From hospitals to the bureaucracy, from colleges to banks, India is a country god sent for 'corrupt tourism'. On the plus side, it's sure to give our foreign exchange reserve a big fat boost.

Updated Date: Apr 15, 2013 14:04:19 IST