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Donald Trump-Kim Jong-un peace talks celebrated by White House Gift Shop through special coin series

The White House Gift Shop has announced the sale of a commemorative coin on the sidelines of the historic Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un summit in Singapore on 12 June 2018. The coins, which will be a series of three, will be significant as they will be a permanent representative mark of the momentous Korea peace talks.

The commemorative coin issued ahead of the US-North Korea Summit. Reuters

The commemorative coin issued ahead of the US-North Korea Summit. Reuters

The second and third coins in the series are now available for pre-order and collectors have little time to complete their collection as the stocks are limited. As per the official White House press release, the pre-order ships on 1 August 2018.

The press release says that the photo of the first proof coin will be visible online on 12 June 2018 and the number will be limited for acquisition till 12 June midnight according to Korean time or till the limited edition collection is sold out.

Each coin is sequentially numbered on its bottom edge and registered for absolute collection value and it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. They will have raised silhouettes of US president Donald Trump and North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong-un.

While one side of the coin will include raised images and flags of the US and North Korea and 3D raised images of Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, the back side of the coins will feature elegant motifs and elements including a 3D raised image of the White House with a dove flying from the White House to the Korea peace talks and banners with the word 'peace' written in both English and Korean.

The coins will also feature other design elements like other symbols and seals suggestive of the profound historic significance of the talks. The WHCA coin will be in matte silver with the buyers getting an option to choose from nine different color schemes.

CEO and director of the White House Gift Shop, Tony Giannini, said in the official release that the "project is generating significant media attention as well as an outpouring of support from Americans, Koreans and from people across the globe".

"Americans have shared with us many reasons for wanting this commemorative coin regardless of the outcome. Both Americans, Koreans, and peace-loving peoples across the globe have shared with us, to be candid, their support and love of President Donald Trump, a fact. We will continue to celebrate through objects of design and art the spirit of peace and harmony confluent with the innate dignity of all humankind", he said.

For over 75 years now, this unique official White House Gift Shop has expressed through many representational products to mark important events in American presidential history. The gift shop was established in 1946 by a permanent memorandum of president Harry S Truman and members of the United States Secret Service.

Updated Date: Jun 11, 2018 16:13 PM

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