Watch: A very cool Barack Obama talks about his retirement plans in this hilarious video

One of the reasons why Barack Obama is probably one of the coolest United States presidents is his impeccable sense of humour.

Whether it is taking a dig at his political opponents in the most creative ways to quoting lines from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Obama has done a lot of things which make him look adorable.

Barack Obama showing people how retirement is done. Screenshot from YouTube video

Barack Obama showing people how retirement is done. Screenshot from YouTube video

And in a video which was aired at Obama's final annual White House Correspondents' dinner on Saturday, the US president shared his retirement plans. And how!

After giving an appropriate response to a very critical remark from a journalist, Obama is seeing wondering on what he is going to do in Washington DC for two years after he retires.

He then seeks advice from US Vice-President Joe Biden who seems to be more interested in the kind of shades he wears rather than advising the President on retirement plans.

After trying to take up sports or driving as a hobby, Obama tries using Snapchat from his wife Michelle's phone, with disastrous results.

Obama then approaches John Boehner, former Republican Speaker of the House, for advice.

Apart from the fact that Boehner and Obama are watching Toy Story together, what makes the video even more awesome is that in real life, ties between Obama and Boehner had turned bitter after their failure to secure a multi-year budget compromise, according to 9News.

"So now you want my advice?" says Boehner in the video. Seeing two people who were political opponents at one of time bromancing in a hilarious video is always refreshing. Indian politicians can learn a lot from this video.

To see what exactly Boehner told Obama about retirement, you can watch the entire video here:

Updated Date: May 02, 2016 07:56 AM

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