South African teenager finds another piece of debris, possibly from MH370, in Mozambique

Johannesburg: A South African man says his teenage son may have found part of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on a beach in Mozambique.

Representational image. Reuters

Representational image. Reuters

Casper Lotter said Friday his son Liam found the piece on 30 December near the town of Xai Xai and returned to South Africa with it. The curved piece has a five-digit number on it.

Lotter said his wife contacted Australian aviation authorities last week after another piece was found in Mozambique. He said the authorities said the number indicates it may belong to a Boeing 777.

A South African Civil Aviation Authority spokesman said they will send the part to Australia to be examined.

The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 jet vanished while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on 8 March, 2014.


Updated Date: Mar 11, 2016 18:31 PM

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