Royal baby live: It's a boy for William and Kate

We track the latest developments surrounding the birth of UK's royal baby.

Arun George July 22, 2013 01:31:04 IST
Royal baby live: It's a boy for William and Kate

01.31 am: Kate Middleton gives birth to a baby boy

It's a boy!

Prince William's wife, Kate, has given birth to a boy, a child now third in line to the British throne.

The child was born Monday, after many Britons woke up to the news that Kate had gone into labour with the couple's first child.

The birth announcement, via a press release from Kensington Palace, said the boy was born at 4:24 pm weighing 8 pounds 6 ounces.

The royal birth recalled that of the baby's father, William, in 1982, at the same central London hospital. Many remember the moment when he was carried out in his mother Princess Diana's arms with proud father Prince Charles at their side.

William and Kate's son is expected to follow Charles and William to the throne.

No one can tell what political and personal changes the intervening years will bring, but the baby can be expected to become the head of state of 16 countries, including Britain, Australia and Canada, and possibly the head of the Commonwealth, which covers 54 nations.

The child will also eventually become Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

The baby represents a living link to Britain's imperial history - the infant is the great-great-great-great-great-grandchild of Queen Victoria, who ruled at the peak of British power.

Many Britons had hoped that William and Kate would start a family shortly after their gala 2011 wedding, which drew a global television audience in the hundreds of millions.

The couple waited, however, until William was nearly finished with his military work as a search and rescue helicopter pilot based at an air base in a remote island off the coast of Wales.

That allowed Kate to ease into royal life, and to become more comfortable in the spotlight, before becoming a parent. It also allowed her to play a supporting role during Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee celebrations last summer.

The first months of her pregnancy were not easy, and she was hospitalized in early December with acute morning sickness that left her weak and dehydrated.

She seemed to recover her stamina fairly quickly and made a series of public appearances until the final weeks before giving birth, drawing praise for her poise and good cheer.

The royal couple and their newborn are expected to spend much of their time in the coming years in renovated quarters at Kensington Palace, where William and Harry also spent much of their childhood.

Royal officials say Kate and William will try to give their child as normal an upbringing as possible - which may be challenging in an age when the British royals are treated as major world celebrities.

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10.46 pm: Helicopter lands in Buckingham palace

A flutter was created as a chopper landed at the Buckingham Palance and three unidentified men got out of it.



10.03 pm: David Cameron to get a call as soon as Royal Baby arrives

As soon as the Royal baby arrives David Cameron's office will be contacted by the Queen's office, tweeted  BBC's Peter Hunt.

Earlier during  the day Cameron had allegedly told the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to “enjoy and savour every moment” with their new baby as he disclosed that he and his wife Samantha will not be having another child, the Telegraph reported.

“As a man who has been present at four births and hasn’t really had to do anything other than greet the lovely arrival and give it a cuddle, I’m not really in a position to advise on childbirth," Cameron was quoted as saying.

9.48 pm: William, Kate's press secretary to carry medical bulletin to Buckinghan palace

BBC's Peter Hunt says that we will know if the baby has been born when the one of Kate's officials emerges from the Lindo Wing with a medical bulletin in their hands.



9.39 pm: Trafalgar fountain to stay lit up for seven days 

The Guardian reports that one of its correspondents who spoke to the Greater London on whether the Trafalgar square fountains will be lit up pink or blue found out that it will be lit for seven days.

9.14 pm: The Shard to celebrate Royal baby's birth

The Shard, London's famous skyscraper is all set to celebrate the royal baby.

The View from the Shard, the viewing platform at the top of western Europe's tallest building, will mark the birth of the royal baby by giving free admission to guests who share the little'un's birthday, said The Guardian.

But the offer is only open for 24 hours.

7.56 pm: Charles may visit after the baby comes

No one knows whether the Queen will visit Kate Middleton, but rumour is that Prince Charles may visit.


5:20 pm: 50,000 bets since Kate Middleton went into labour

Associated Press reports that Ladbrokes took 50,000 bets in the hours after the Duchess of Cambridge went into labor Monday. Company spokesman Alex Donohue says the public has rushed to put small amounts of money — such as a pound — on the soon-to- be-born royal infant's name because they "want to be involved."

"Never underestimate the British public's obsession with the royal family," he said.

So far, the money is on Alexandra for a girl and James for a boy.

4:40 pm: Hospital issues statement, still no clue

"During her stay at the hospital, the Duchess is being cared for by an expert team. It goes without saying that the whole trust are exceptionally proud that they have chosen to have their baby here," St Mary's hospital has said.

Meanwhile the Guardian, says that hundreds have gathered outside Buckingham Palace. Why? Perhaps they're all waiting to see the easel outside the palace where the announcement will be made?

4:30 pm: Prince Charles says he's got no clue about how its going in labour room

Expectedly the grandfather to be isn't in the know of how things are going in the labour room.

3:00 pm: Toronto's CN Tower to light up blue or pink once announcement is made

The Australians have sent their good wishes and according to one report Toronto's CN Tower will be lit up with either pink or blue colour depending on the baby's gender.

Nothing planned in India that we know of. Apart from the usual diplomatic congratulatory messages.

1:40 pm: What does the public expect

So yes, the UK is excited about the birth of the royal baby. And they have an opinion on everything about the baby.

As this survey by the Hello! magazine shows, while the Duke and Duchess may take their time to name their baby, a majority of the respondents believe if its a girl she should be named Diana and George if its a boy.

Most of the respondents believe the royal couple will have a girl and will be blue-eyed with brown hair.

Check out the full findings of the survey here.

1:30 pm: Middleton's labour "progressing as normal"

In case you're worried about Kate Middleton and the royal baby, well don't be.

It's all going well and "progressing as normal", according to a spokesperson for the Duchess and Prince. And no we don't yet what baby to expect:

1:00 pm: Want to watch the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital for latest developments?

In keeping with the hype surrounding the birth of the baby, you can track the updates live if you like. Here's an example: The Sun's Royal Baby monitor channel which is tracking the live updates.

Be warned though, you will be staring (thankfully) at a closed door for the most part until someone leaves to tell the Queen what great-grandchild she's had.

For now all you can do is watch some very alert looking policemen keeping a watch on the journalists, who in turn are watching them.

12: 45 pm: How you'll know once the royal baby is born

Following a time-honoured royal tradition, the world will first read about the birth from a small bulletin posted in front of Buckingham Palace. It was the exact way officials announced the birth of Prince Charles in 1948 and Prince William in 1982, though this time around the monarchy has moved with the times and added social media as an easier way to reach more people.

Want to know the exact procedure? Read more here

12:14 pm: Kate Middleton taken to hospital after going into labour

Prince William’s wife, Kate, has been admitted to the hospital in the early stages of labor, palace officials said Monday.

Royal baby live Its a boy for William and Kate


Royal officials said that Kate travelled by car to St. Mary’s Hospital in central London with Prince William. Kate — also known as the Duchess of Cambridge — is expected to give birth in the private Lindo Wing of the hospital, where Princess Diana gave birth to William and his younger brother, Prince Harry. She will be looked after by a top-notch medical team led by royal gynecologist Dr. Marcus Setchell.

Kate — formally known as the Duchess of Cambridge — is expected to deliver in the private Lindo Wing of the hospital, where Princess Diana gave birth to William and his younger brother, Prince Harry. It is not clear if she will have a natural birth or deliver by a planned cesarean section. (AP)

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