'Rogue' US National Parks Service, Nasa Twitter accounts launch resistance to defy Donald Trump

After the US National Parks Service Twitter account was banned from tweeting because they posted photographs comparing US President Donald Trump's inauguration crowd with that of former president Barack Obama, the official Twitter account of the Badlands National Park — a subsidiary of the National Park Service — struck back, defying the new administration by posting a series of tweets on climate change.

Although the park removed these tweets and claimed they were posted by a former employee, individuals claiming to be rangers from the National Parks Service have set up "alternative" Twitter accounts to continue "resisting" the new administration, The Guardian reported.

  These tweets have encouraged people who claim to be employed by other US agencies to use Twitter to get their message out. More than 20 "alternative" Twitter accounts have been set up, CNET reported, including the @RogueNASA Twitter account, which describes itself as Nasa's unofficial "Resistance" team (in perhaps a nod to Star Wars: The Force Awakens).  


Updated Date: Jan 26, 2017 12:44:09 IST