Panama Papers verdict: A Pakistani rejoices ouster of Nawaz Sharif, calls it triumph of nation's pride

The clock brushed 12 pm and the silence was uncanny; reminiscent of the lull before a storm. And then the news was in, amid a thunderstorm of peril. He was out, never meant to be, a rout. His exit was the nation's serendipity.

 Panama Papers verdict: A Pakistani rejoices ouster of Nawaz Sharif, calls it triumph of nations pride

Former Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif. AP

Former Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif has now been evicted from his office. The Pakistani nation stands in triumph. It was a moment of celebration for the proud Pakistani people who pride in their defiance and will for change. They have kept their pride in tact thus far. Sharif now faces imminent investigation, the chain of allegations now enveloping his children and son-in-law; and over the course of the next two weeks, their undoing is imminent. The National Accountability Bureau shall reopen the multitude of cases involving the Sharif family that orbited around deception and forgery, and justice shall finally for once be dispensed.

But in the midst of all this that has happened, one is left to wonder while it is a simple question of morality and honesty that disqualifies our once (and maybe for all) beloved prime minister is it really our nation’s best long term interest to have the volatility once again be our landmark. Eighteen prime ministers in 70 years and is that the hallmark of our progress; the ineptness of completion? The servitude to rebellion; and the endless rife that exhibit the emergence of victory from the deepest, violent depths of defeat? The question is one that haunts us internationally and yet in the deepest shallow pits of our hearts.

CPEC has reached the ever important stages of our national pride to (again) be defiant against the zaalim duniya zaalim samaaj that has stemmed our potential to develop. Of all times, of all ways, was this the modus operandi that we were to undertake in reconstitutionalising and reconciling our ways?

Notwithstanding our reputation as the nation that always revs the loudest at the start line and yet seldom has a phantom appearance at the finish line is again one of the multitudes of reasons as to why this was ultimately the worst of times for this deceit of the highest stake to emerge.

Aur akhri baat, the epilogue is perhaps the manifest of all that is Pakistani in our nature. As PML-N (prime minister’s party) men emerged from the verdict with Bhangras with one leg in the air owing to the 5-0 verdict (they thought it was in the prime minister’s favour), one opposition member was forced to comment that they danced with one leg in the air till they realised the judges had gotten both their legs in the air. Just a small jest to show the magnanimity of farce every major debacle in Pakistan births.

There is much left to be desired following the drama that has ensued. As we reflect among ourselves and upon those that towered upon us; one can only wonder how belittled our sense of familial nationalism is. But how much of that overtures into a renewed, birthed determination to overhaul our haunting status quo; that only the future can tell.


A concerned Pakistani

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Updated Date: Jul 29, 2017 16:21:19 IST