Pak media slams Indian 'rhetoric and vitriol' after LoC attack

The Pakistani media called on both Indian and Pakistani officials to desist from rhetoric and take steps to defuse rising tension along the LoC.

after the killing of five Indian soldiers in Poonch has caused massive outrage in India.

An editorial in the Express Tribune newspaper said that India needed to take responsibility in ensuring that peace talks do not get derailed and also commented on the anti-Pakistan 'rhetoric' in the Indian media.

The editorial says:

Rhetoric against Pakistan is flowing strong with India also saying that militants from Pakistan were trying to infiltrate Kashmir. One should mention that a day earlier, four Kashmiris on the Pakistani side of the LoC went missing and according to Indian media reports, quoting unnamed Indian Army sources, may have been killed.

 Pak media slams Indian rhetoric and vitriol after LoC attack

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It also praises the conduct of the Pakistan foreign office for reiterating its commitment to peace talks.

"Such incidents only reinforce the fact that the two countries must go ahead with talks. India would do well to take advantage of this and play its part in improving relations and ensuring that the peace process is not derailed", it adds.

An editorial in The Nation also slams the Indian media for 'vitriol' against Pakistan and cautions against bowing down to hawks on both sides of the border.

It says:

The vitriol by the Indian media and the Opposition is a sad reflection that Pakistan bashing is big business in India, and also demonstrated the hold that many radicals enjoy over the media. Charged demonstrations in front of Pakistan’s High Commission in New Delhi will excite mob sentiment that must not be allowed to sway reason. Peace is the only option that is available. And hence it must be given a fair chance to show the miracles it can perform.

The Dawn newspaper for its part, has written a thought provoking editorial questioning why the timing of such attacks are always before or after key meetings between Indian and Pakistani officials, and occur just when relations between the two countries are beginning to look healthy.

However it also questions the motives of the BJP, saying "The truth is that, with the nod of the intelligence set-up, the BJP is trying to nip any peace talks with Pakistan before the coming elections."

The overwhelming sentiment in the English language media in Pakistan is that the two nations need to tone down the rhetoric and talk. It must be noted, however, that there is very little to no questioning of the Pakistani army, with all the media understandably sticking to the official version of events.

Whether advice on continuing talks will be heeded by the powers that be in Pakistan is another matter altogether.

As this Firstpost piece notes:

"One way to look at the killing of the Indian soldiers could be as an act by the Pakistan army to show the civilian government, who calls the shots in the country and who wields greater power over the country. The strongest possible way the Pakistan army could register the sense of its power with the government, is by hitting where it hurts the most."

If Sharif fails to make the Army accountable to its own government, how does India expect to benefit from talks with the government head? One solution, as noted in this Times of India report, would be attempting to initiate talks with the Pakistan Army itself. However, with the Indian Army taking the brunt of its Pakistan counterpart’s violence, that again might not be in the best interests of the morale of the Indian Army.

Caught in a typical catch 22 situation, all eyes and electoral decisions, however, will be on the UPA to see what it does next. Because nothing flares emotions in India across classes as Pakistan and how India deals with it.


Updated Date: Aug 08, 2013 14:57:07 IST