Modi at Wembley live: Wild chants of 'Bharat Mata ki Jai' rules the air as PM concludes speech

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Modi at Wembley live: Wild chants of 'Bharat Mata ki Jai' rules the air as PM concludes speech
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    Disappointment at some corners

    There is much anger that it was Gujarati show not truly Indian. Did you feel that? asks Bikram Vohra. 

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    PM Modi ends speech

    Appealing the Indian diaspora to contruibute to their motherland, Prime Minister ends his speech with a massive chorus of 'Bharat Mata ki Jai'.

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    PM Modi gifts direct London-Ahmedabad to NRI's

    "When I was Gujarat CM, I was asked about inadequate facilities. When I came in 2003, I had facilitated a direct flight between London and Ahmedabad during Atalji's tenure. But what happened after that I do not want to say. Starting 15 December, there is going to be a direct flight between Ahmedabad and London," says PM Modi.

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    "There is now an online portal to help you with all your issues with Visa, PIO and OCI. Indian community welfare fund will help NRIs in trouble," says PM Modi.

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    Taking pride in daughters

    "India isn't just what you see on screens, read in papers. It's much deeper, much higher, much more than that. The state of Haryana, known for adverse gender ratio, from there a Sarpanch started a campaign #SelfieWithDaughter. Selfie with daughter by a Haryana sarpanch was a massive hit. Everyone shared selfies with daughters," says PM Modi.

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    Importance of education has reached remotest corners of rural India

    "There is one Imran Khan in Rajasthan's Alwar. The example of Imram Khan is example of my real India. He has developed 50 apps for educational purpose," says PM Modi. 

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    Vibrant economy

    "Be it the World Bank or IMF, they all say India is the fastest growing economy. All rating agencies are now giving positive feedback on India's growth. We are growing leaps and bounds in the ease of doing business," says PM Modi while focussing on the reviving Indian economy if not thriving yet.

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    Harnessing solar power and other source of renewable energy

    "India can lead the world in the arena of harboring solar energy. We have taken this up.  We want India to be a hub of solar energy and power sufficient. Two dreams that we are working towards - a clean India and India with 24/7 electricity. We have plans of solar, wind energy," says PM Modi.

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    To become self-reliant in defence is India's aim

    The prime minister lamented that India spends crores of rupees to import arms from foreign countries and thus it is impertinent to build weapons in the country itself.

    "We want to become self-dependent in defence sector. Top defence companies are at India's doors to explore business opportunities," says PM Modi.

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    Rupee Bond, James Bond, Brooke Bond...

    "When we think of rupee bond, we think of James Bond. Take it further we think of Brooke Bond. James Bond gives entertainment, Brooke Bond gives freshness," says PM Modi. All the 'Bonds' come up, when he mentions about the rupee bond that India launched at the London Stock Exchange to develop infrastructure for Indian Railways. He also said India has opened the railways for 100 percent FDI.

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    Ode to Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

    "When I stood at the Red Fort and talked about cleanliness, people raised their eyebrows. We have completed the work of building girls' toilets in each and every school in India," says PM Modi showcasing his pet Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

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    No Indian village will remain without electricity

    "18,000 villages in India need electricity. In next 1000 days we will ensure they get it. Even if after so many years of Independence there are villages with no electricity, should I not work to change that? Speed and direction of progress in India is such that fruits of development will be seen very soon," says PM Modi. 

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    Terrorism or global warming, India is ready to tackle both

    "Responsibility to fight terrorism and global warming is every human's and every nation's. India can show the world the path to fight both terrorism and global warming. We are already on that path and we will stick to it," says PM Modi.

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    What India wants

    "Don't you think the world's perspective of India has changed? World is seeing India as a land of opportunities, India's place in the world should be equal to others. We don't want favours from the world, we want equal stature,"  says PM Modi.

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    Is PM Modi referring to 'intolerance' movement?

    "In the land of India, the tales of Kabir and Rahim inspires us. If the Sufi tradition is strong, people who have understood Sufi tradition in Islam.. those people don't take guns in their hands. The Sufi tradition is the best antidote to terrorism. You all are true ambassadors of India in UK. Wherever we go we show people how to live in harmony, how to care for everyone around," says PM Modi.

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    Diversity is India's strength

    "People are surprised to see such a diverse nation as ours live in harmony. India is full of diversity. This diversity is our pride and it is our strength," says PM Modi.

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    Reinstating Shyamji Krishna Varma

    "Yesterday Shyamji Krishna Varma was posthumously reinstated by London’s Honourable Society for Inner Temple," says PM Modi.

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    Proud of the Mahatma

    "Which Indian wouldn't be proud to see a statue of Mahatma Gandhi in front of British Parliament?" asks PM Modi amid loud cheers.

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    Thanking UK for wonderful welcome

    "The respect I got here is respect for 1.2 billion Indians. This is great day for India-UK partnership," PM Modi said.

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    Celebrating India's youth

    "When I came here 12 years ago I was a CM, today I am among you with a new responsibility. There is no reason for India to remain poor, we harbour poverty for no reason. India is country full of youth. A country which has the power of youth cannot be stopped," PM Modi says.

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    "We are celebrating our special bond at this very special venue.I was told London will be cold, but your warm welcome makes me feel at home," the prime minister says and he now suddenly switches over to Hindi. "Diwali theek se manayi?" he asks the maddening crowd at the Wembley.

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    What a great partnership! says PM Modi

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi takes the stage amid loud cheers and he begins his speech in English.  

    "This is a historic day, a big thank you for being here. What a great partnership!," says PM Modi.

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    Namaste Wembley, says PM Cameron

    Prime Minister David Cameron surprises Wembley with a Namaste. Talking about the India-UK relationship, PM Cameron said, "We are having a spectacular celebration of India-UK people."

    "Modi had vegetarian food with me in Chequers," the British PM said speaking about the meal they had together.

    "PM Modi and I both govern in challenging times. We are united on the scale of ambition," said Modi.

    "We can be the biggest multi-racial democracy," Cameron said.

    "Team India and Team UK together we are a winning combination. They say a chaiwallah never governed the world but he proved them wrong," the British PM said.

    "Achche din zaroor ayega," and Cameron leaves stage to Modi.

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    Two Great Nations, One Glorious Future

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    All stand up quiet and disciplined at the Wembley Stadium as the national anthems of United Kingdom and India are being played.

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    Riot of colours greet a long shot at the Wembley Stadium as Prime Minister Narendra Modi is about to speak

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    Meeting the organisers

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    British Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha Cameron in saree welcome Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Wembley Stadium.

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    The familiar chant starts to deafening decibels... Modi, Modi, Modi, Modi, Modi...

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    And the big moment arrives... Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached Wembley Stadium and is likely to take the dais after a rendition of Vande Mataram.

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    The song and dance is getting a bit too long but no sign of PM Modi yet 

    It is very Stratham and Slough innit stuff. No sign of PM Modi surprisingly as very few cops are to be seen. But the crowds are loving it here. It is like a typical 26 January function in the 70s. And the sound is deafening! By the time PM Modi comes to the microphone everyone will be tone deaf, reports Bikram Vohra

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    Noise and music continue at the Wembley Stadium, but where is PM Modi?

    No sign of PM Modi. No one can tell you where prime minister is at present. In the interim the show goes on and the crowd is nowhere near the promised 60,000 mark. More like a little over half an hour to go and you can still see blobs of empty seats. Maybe they are waiting for the speech to commence and cannot take the noise, reports Bikram Vohra from the Wembley.

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    Live action from the Wembley Stadium

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    Amid all celebrations, there are some shades of protests too by Leslee Udwin outside the Wembley Stadium!

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    One hour to go still, but the frenzy is already building up

    The MC blithely announced the performance of “Moura” and the pre-speech cultural festival got going. That it translated into a rendition of Ganapathi Maurya sort of set the tone for the thousands pouring into Wembley. Yoga and religious hymns resonate from the stage but there is no sign yet of the Modi cavalcade. He is expected to go on the air at half nine IST but that looks unlikely.

    Kids are lining up for an emotional rendition of the national anthem and we expect a couple of hours of lots of them running round with rampant enthusiasm and lashings of sincerity. It is easy to feel  a wet lump in the gullet with things so dramatically Indian so far as you don’t ask why? The 400 Indian associations have successfully shepherded their flocks into the second largest pen in the world. Hours before it all began people began to stream into the stadium as typical English weather ensured a cloud cover.

    The speech seems to be still far away. All sixty minutes of it. Waiting for hours is energy sapping and the novelty of hearing ‘Modi,Modi, Modi’ can wear thin as it mingles  with predictable Bollywood hits. Of course “Jai Ho” from ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ was front and centre.

    Cannot see the speech coming on for some time and there is none of that pre-arrival excitement building up yet. The commentators seem stressed and the Gujarat Hindu Association has just taken the stage and here come Alisha with Made in india. How did I guess. For all we know security reasons may be keeping it all confidential and Modi may suddenly spring out of  a corner.  

    A squad of Indian Highlanders have now begun to play a tuneless version of 'When the saints go marching in' without any clue that's what they play in noo Orleans in a funeral march.

    -- Bikram Vohra reports from Wembley Stadium

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    Drummers, pipers all gather at the Wembley Stadium to welcome PM Modi

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    Before 'Make in India' took centrestage today, there was also a 'Made in India' way back in the 90s. Remember Alisha Chinai! She too performed at the Wembley Stadium tonight

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    Now, Gujarat, Garba move to Wembley

  • 21:18 (IST)

    There is only team at the Wembley Stadium this evening -- Team India

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    Long back when Queen Elizabeth II was in India

  • 21:12 (IST)

    To Her Majesty from India

Tonight is another night of frenzy for the Modi fan club, this time though not in Madison Square but on the opposite coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Electrifying atmosphere has gripped London’s famous Wembley Stadium on Friday as the 70,000-strong crowd of Indian diaspora basking in patriotic delirium flocked together from all over United Kingdom to listen to their favourite charmer of the evening -- Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Just how big the event that ain't football promises to be on this soccer paradise may be gauged from what Wembley Stadium wrote on its website. "It will be the largest reception any foreign head of government has ever received in the UK and also the largest at any event for the Indian Prime Minister outside India.... The Reception themed, 'Two Great Nations, One Glorious Future' will kick off with a specially produced cultural show featuring some of the very best British Indian artists."

For those who might not be familiar with Wembley, this is what we have picked for you from Wikipedia. Wembley "is an area of northwest London, England, and part of the London Borough of Brent. It is home to the famous Wembley Stadium and Wembley Arena. Wembley formed a separate civil parish from 1894 and was incorporated as a municipal borough in 1937. In 1965, the area merged with the Municipal Borough of Willesden to create the London Borough of Brent, and has since formed part of Greater London."

PM Modi, who is on a three-day maiden visit to United Kingdom, has already struck a chord with the island nation.

"This is a relationship of immense importance to us. The familiarity of history, the extraordinary people-to-people ties and our shared values give it a special character. We also have vibrant and growing partnerships across all areas – trade and investment, defence and security, science and education, clean energy and health, technology and innovation, and culture. We have a broad range of shared interests at the international level that are vital to both countries," the Indian premier said in a press statement after holding delegation-level talks with his British counterpart Prime Minister David Cameron.

During his address to the business community of the City of London, at Guildhall, PM Modi said, "UK and India have known each other very well since several centuries. Our system of Governance is also based largely on the Westminster model. Our institutions know to interact with each other. Our people know to work with each other. Our businesses know to grow with each other. That is the reason that UK is among India's major trading partners."

So much for the pomp and grandeur during PM Modi's visit to the United Kingdom that even the iconic London landmarks of Tower Bridge and London Eye were draped in the colours of India – saffron, white and green. PM Cameron also hosted his Indian counterpart for a private dinner at Chequers, his country-house retreat.

It is now over to Wembley Stadium where all nine Red Arrows display pilots from frontline Royal Air Force squadrons will also flypast leaving a colour trail of fumes forming the Indian tricolour. Time to find out who has the bigger shrill -- the jets or the Indian diaspora.

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